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 The past plus the present Article

Days gone by and the present Our life is like a triangular, past, present, future is a lot like three diverse vertices in one triangle. All of them has their own world but are interknitted by each other. Memory and physical world is known as a pair of intriguing words which usually effect each other. Our present is include many items of the past and that we can learn lessons from the experience of yesteryear to affect the present existence. Thus, how to approach the relationship between memory and physical universe has a superb influence about our lifestyle. After I browse the cookie by Marcel Proust and Tale Water by simply Rumi, I through evaluating this two articles, I actually find a lot of agreement and disagreement. Which helps me figure out the partnership between storage and fact, also it tell me what is the best way to face yesteryear and what can I study from the past. Storage is more such as a concept in your mind. When you recollect your storage it won't instantly appear in front of you and let you contact it and feel that. But actually recall memory is natural. So , the way you transfer from your physical globe to the recollection? Both the dessert by Marcel Proust and Story Water by Rumi gives me the same answer: We want intermediaries. The cookie talks about how the creator call away his recollection through the style of a cup of tea, which will remind him all the childhood storage in his home town. Story Drinking water is a poem which employing many metaphor and simile, gives a path to the viewers how to call up out the memory In Tale Water, this said, " Water, stories, the body, everything we perform, are mediums that hide and show can be hidden. ” In past, Rumi mentioned that tale like a normal water to high temperature for the bath, people take messages between fireplace and the epidermis; story connected the past plus the present; people need to head into a back garden in order to know the beauty. This kind of shows each and every time we want to receive messages through the past, we need a middle person to translate. In...