Guns and Personal Safety Equipment

 Weapons and Personal Protective Tools Essay

Weapons and Personal Protecting Equipment

Debra McCain

University or college of Phoenix az

Concepts of Physical and private Protection-CJA/585

Morris Cotton

January 18, 2010

Weapons and private Protective Equipment

When guarding individuals coming from others which may wish to do them damage, kidnap these people, or just always be near all of them because they presume that the person he or she is stalking is their own in some way it is crucial to protect one self first. Nowadays of popularity of movie stars and political figures it has become even more increasingly necessary for those individuals to employ personal safety agents. Intended for an agent to perform the best job that they can they need to first guard him or herself or he or she will not be able to safeguard his or her consumer. The use of personal protective gear and weaponry has become more popular then it was at the past. Personal protection real estate agents must bother about the use of weapons, personal security equipment, as well as the use of push so they can protect themselves and the client for the fullest. Weapons

When safeguarding someone by would be assailants or those that wish to damage the client the application of weapons could possibly be necessary. Various sorts of weapons are around for agents to work with. Non-lethal guns like tasers, stun guns, pepper apply, bean bag guns, and rubber bullets. These weaponry are all built to slow down the individual and allow the agent to take control of the problem by restraining the attacker. nonlethal weaponry are designed to allow the agent to resolve a dangerous situation. The use of nonlethal weapons simply by personal safety agents can easily de-escalate a predicament in which, increased force might have been used.

Not all circumstances can be resolved by the use of nonlethal weapons. Inside the situations that require an agent to hold a gun or a lethal system the agent must initially receive the correct training around the use of the weapon. Every state offers different rules on the use of firearms and restrictions of who can own a firearm. If the agent turns into fully been trained in the use of a gun and obtains the proper permits and license the agent protects his / her self from many civil liabilities. When an agent continues to be properly qualified this will help to remove any unnecessary accidents. Right training will allow the agent to assess the problem entirely before he or she secretions a system and damages an innocent by-stander. Weaponry will allow the agent to totally protect him or himself, and give her / him capability to safeguard his or her principal to the maximum. When a dangerous situation occurs a protection agent should be ready to do whatever it takes to hold his or her principal safe. By arming themselves with either non-lethal or perhaps lethal guns they can ensure that the principal is definitely well shielded. Personal Security Equipment

In accordance to a 97 Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of 700 condition and local law enforcement agencies with 100 or even more officers, roughly 40% of sheriff's and municipal law enforcement officials departments, and 25% of state and country law enforcement officials departments need all field officers put on body armor, compared to a little bit less than thirty percent in the same survey conducted in 1993 (Body Armour, 2009). The most notable five threats that confront police officers and protection real estate agents are straight-forward trauma, hypodermic needles, kitchen knives, bullets, and homemade and pointed guns. Along with weapons providers must also guard themselves with life-saving tools. The use of bullet-proof vests and body shield will help the agent to avoid him or herself by being fatally shot while on duty. Simply by requiring the main wear a vest likewise this will increase the survival of the principal. The use of body shield will help to defuse a possibly fatal situation. It is important pertaining to agents to consider that the decision to choose a protective equipment item ought not to be because it is secure or i think good in him or her. Picking out protective gear should be based on the level of hazards...

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