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We are the Environment Agency. It can our task to look after the environment and make it a better place – for you, and for future years. Your environment is the air flow you breathe in, the water you drink as well as the ground you walk in. Working with business, Government and society all together, we are making your environment cleaner and healthier. The surroundings Agency. Out there, making the environment a better place.

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Water is vital for farming but frequently is overlooked. Yet in several parts of Great britain and Wales water resources are already scarce and are more likely to become even scarcer resulting from climate change. It's the Environment Agency's task to manage water resources and to plan to make certain that there is enough for people as well as the environment. We understand how important water is for farming and want to work together with farmers to help them make best use of water they have. We believe that, although some farmers consider using water more efficiently, there is still range for further improvement. Our Water Efficiency Prizes showcase finest practice and offer cost-effective tips to reduce water use. Moreover to employing water even more wisely, rain harvesting can be described as way of lowering your reliance about mains normal water, or in your borehole or perhaps spring. Using the rain that falls on your farm complexes can save you funds. It can also mean potentially less storage to get slurry, and reduce the likelihood of contaminated runoff from yards coming into rivers and streams. Rain harvesting might not be suitable for everyone. But regardless if it are not able to supply all of your water demands it's still worth considering. It can decrease your costs that help reduce your environmental impact. I am hoping that this report will give you some ideas about what may well work on the farm. Do give it a go!

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Environment Organization Rainwater Harvesting: an on-farm guide



Section 1 Introduction What is rainwater harvesting? Benefits of rainwater enjoying – what's in that for you? Precisely what are the larger implications of rainwater cropping? Section two Things to consider prior to installing a rainwater harvesting system Simply how much water do I need and what is it used for? How efficiently are you using drinking water? How much rainfall do you have? What quality of water do you require? Is it worth harvesting normal water? What are the expenses of running a RWH program? Do I need any kind of permission to put in a RWH system? Section 3 Rainwater harvesting systems Indirectly Circulated Systems Directly Pumped Devices Gravity Fed Systems What system to use? What makes up a RWH system? Filters Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilisation Products Overflow Draining Pumps Droits Top-up Set up Low Cost Systems 3 four 4 a few 8 almost 8 9 being unfaithful 11 18 14 14 16 seventeen 17 seventeen 19 19 19 24 27 twenty-seven 27 twenty-seven Section six Section six Funding support Enhanced Capital Allowance Country Development Policy for England (RDPE) 2007-2013 Catchment Sensitive Farming Contacts Various other useful details Disclaimer forty five 40 40 40 41 41 41 Section five Section 4 Rainwater cropping for different farming sectors Livestock Sector Pigs and Fowl Sector Fertile Farming Sector Protected Cropping Sector Professional Food Creation and Processing Farm Diversified Enterprises Laws Planning/Building Rules Water Supply (Water Fitting) Polices Environmental Permitting Farmed Pets and Foodstuff Production Drinking water Impoundment and Abstraction Nitrate Vulnerable Specific zones (NVZ) Health and Safety thirty four 34 thirty five 35 36 36 37 38 38 38 38 39 39 39 39


Environment Agency Rainwater Harvesting: a great on-farm guideline




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