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Alexander the Great

1) Alexander the Great was is considered the most famous enthusiast in modern-day times. Having been born in Pella September 20th 356 B. C and was brought up within a great relatives as he was obviously a Prince of Macedonia. After his childhood a popular Greek Thinker, Aristotle trained Alexander and he was also taught by greatest military minds. Alexander's father was Phillip II who overcome many Greek Cities which usually helped Alexander in his afterwards conquests. A large number of people thought Alexander a new great aptitude which managed to get very simple to get him to know and do issues. When Alexander was at age 16, his father still left him in charge of things and Alexander required that like a blessing, offer " when justin was 16, Phillip II made a decision to leave his son in control of Macedonia whilst he was away on advertising campaign. Alexander had taken advantage of the ability by defeating a Thracian people named the Maedi and founding " Alexandropoulos, ” Quote by Cambridge University Professor Paul Cartledge. In 336 B. C Phillip 2 was assassinated by a Regal Page which in turn meant almost everything was remaining in charge of Alexander who was two decades old.

Various armies noticed this as a blessing as they thought that they would destroy this kind of empire as there was a young inexperienced Ruler in charge. But really it had been a futile strive as Alexander saw off every attack.

Alexander went on many conquests, largely with the Persians as he overcome many autorite across the World. But none of this would have occurred without Alexanders amazing armed service strategies and tactics. He was an expert in attacking manoeuvres and controlling his military in battle, which entirely helped him become the greatest general ever.

During the time of Alexander the primary weapons employed in warfare had been: Spears, bend and arrow, sword, cavalry, chariots and light and weighty armour.

Alexander developed the Phalanx formation (Phillip's II idea), which he developed, into an effective defensive and eradicating machine. The Phalanx helped him in numerous...