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Education offers always a new central part in Vietnam culture and society. В It is viewed as the opportunity of growth and people routinely sacrifice much to assure their children get the necessary education. В As a country with over eighty six million persons and exceeding 60% under the age of thirty-five (Source: Basic Department of Statistics of Vietnam, 2009), Vietnam's education needs in this young populace are big. В The authorities also pays off a lot of attention to its education program. Currently, education occupies roughly 20% of most state budget expenditures and accounts for 5. 5% of GDPВ (source: Office of Financial and Planning, MOET, 2008). However , the inadequate top quality of higher education system in Vietnam is a thorny obstacle in Vietnam and requires efforts from the government plus the society to resolve.

The quality of Vietnam higher education strategy is alarming. First of all, Vietnam falls short of a single university of known quality. The universities have poor record of publication compared to different universities in the area. While Nationwide University of Singapore and Peiking University have magazines of 3598 and 3219 respectively, Countrywide University of Vietnam only have 52 publications in Peer-Review Journals. This kind of illustrates just how Vietnam's universities isolated in the international current of knowledge.

The market also has bad reviews about the quality of teachers from Thai universities. Surveys conducted by simply government-linked interactions have located that up to 50 percent of Vietnamese college or university graduates are not able to find opportunities in their part of specialization. Know-how from the class room is significantly disconnected through the needs with the market. For instance , Intel fought with hiring engineers to staff their manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City. When the firm gave a standardized evaluation test to 2, 500 Vietnamese THAT students, just 90 applicants, or 5 percent, passed. In Intel's phrases, this is the most severe result they have...