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Seminar Global Marketing


Questions coming from Textbook

1 case

Day 1

-World is not even close to globalized, not thaaat many multi-national organizations (100, 500 firms) in line with the UN Global Marketing

Can compare marketplace

-How to businesses differ in actions (Swiss vs . The french language, etc)

-Relationship between business behavior in various countries

Foreign Trading

Trading firms not often producers

Buy stuff in your area, sell it internationally

-Oil, mineral deposits, etc

-Trading is unprocessed trash, product is differentiated in advertising -You marketplace products based upon there difference, what makes these people better -Trading has NO advertising mix, success is based on network connections

Trans-cultural Marketing

Client behavior not needed cross-cultural (ofcourse not practical)

Tips on how to do you transfer marketing techniques across ethnicities

Key Related Activities

Inter-national marketing

Decision to enter overseas markets (Is firm in a position to? Internal planning) Market Examination (Select most appealing)

Admittance mode assortment (How to the market)

Foreign Promoting

Mission Statement (internal) - Situation analysis (SWOT) – Diagnosis (issues analysis) – Define Targets – Web marketing strategy towards objectives (Targeting, Placement, 4Ps) Placing = does the target meet the objective statement

Modifications to sales strategies (New method for each market)

Multi-national & Global marketing

How to put the various actions of the marketing strategy together throughout the world -Highly coordinated and handled = global marketing

Multinational Marketing or Global Promoting


Aims: Optimize functionality in every single country separately

Marketing Strategies: Suitable for each individual industry

Planning: Decentralized

Control: Limited

Global marketing

Objectives: Optimize overall performance in most markets

Marketing plans: Designed for most markets

Organizing: HQ based (Centralized)

Control: Extensive

Global approach does not always mean standardized (Mcdonalds)

Global Marketing plans

Targeting Community Markets

Exclusive World Placement: High promoting standardization (Global approach) Multiple World Placing: High marketing adaptation (Multi-national approach)

How come Multi-national or Global Advertising Stratgies


-Cost Leadership (standardized, trading) – Global Orientation -Product Differentiation – Multi-national


-Global Segmentation (same segments, camera (low medium high)) -National Segmentation (different sectors in different regions) Corporate Tradition

- Ethnocentric: The ways at home are the best way, do it throughout the world (americans) -- Polycentric: Markets are different from one other, adaptation - Regiocentric: Mix between Polycentric and geocentric

- Geocentric: Opposite of polycentric, opinion there is no single best way to accomplish things. Parallels are higher than the difference. Strategies are applicable globally.

Corporate culture is the most important aspect to make the foundation Multinational or perhaps Global -Proctor and Chance is global (megabrands)

Global Strategy of NISSAN

1 ) Regional Concentrate

2 . Business lead Regional Marketplaces Models

three or more. Other local markets, minor adaptation needs

4. Complementary Designs

Global because of large control and centralization even though do have regional approaches!

Strategic Promoting Planning: Home vs . Global Framework

1 . Mission Statement: Global/Multinational/regional

2 . Situation Evaluation (SWOT, Issues)

3. Targets: World Insurance coverage

4. Online marketing strategy (Targeting: Global segments versus national market segments, positioning: Sole vs . multiple positioning, MILLIMETER: Standardization versus Adaptation ) 5. Forecasts

6. Plan of action: Degree of HQ centralization

six. Controls: Amount of HQ control

Case one particular: Triumph


Big sized motorcycle industry

Luxury Global Marketing

Higher price

Cultural traditions

Personalized services

Social common

Not Extremely Premium

Going Global

Will not respond to rising demand

Non-public banking



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