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How to get every one of the titles:

Gladiator of bloodstream – attack+250

Crazy Extractor – Attack+10%

Newbie Hero (lvl5 )

Murloc Monster ( eliminate Murloc lvl 5 )

Apprentice Ecrire ( Combine stuffs )

Zenonia Fan ( perform Zenonia very long )

Apprentice Miner ( Mine things like Durete )

Experienced Combiner ( Combine more stuffs )

Zenonia Fanatic ( Enjoy longer than long )

Master Ordonner ( Incorporate till insane )

Friendly Foreigner ( Went out of big temple pan shop )


Beginner Refiner ( Refine items )

Keen hero – all statistics +5

Unlimited Trainee ( Gone to performance room, in and out of the temple ) Midgard Explorer ( Finish Typical mode )

Weakling ( Lose a lot in PVP)

Labyrinth Grasp ( Just walk all the way up )

Amateur Fighter ( win a lot in PVP )

Professional Refiner ( Keep refining )

Satan Slayer ( kill a lot of Satan Recruits )

Frog Great ( get rid of Frogs )

Build pertaining to Chael:

The style below is only for research and for hard mode! usually do not follow or perhaps you might not make it happen! Max the skills in this order. 1 point – Cutting tool Sting


1 point – Sword Boomerang





Hard Setting: You may now follow the Zenonia 3 images below of theВ skill pointsВ to distribute the skills.

Stat points:

YourВ Zenonia 3 stat pointsВ for the Zenonia 3 Sword Dark night will now be the matter of preference on your Zenonia 3 play-style. You can be clear powerful or all out defensive depending on how you like to do items but for my own recommendation is that you simply do this. PutВ all pointsВ into STR then when your Zenonia several Sword Dark night starts to missВ startВ putting them into DEX thenВ go backВ to STR. You can also decide to put into CON if you wantВ more lifeВ but the skill must be able to take out a lot of the enemies. Zenonia 3 Paperwork: Remember that there may be Hard Mode after the Usual game techniques not waste materials stat items! Only push them into it for anyone who is missing or dying inside 1-2 strikes!