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 Unit 2 Analysis 1 Computer Buyer Essay

NT1110 Computer Composition and Logic


Unit a couple of Analysis 1: Computer Shopper

Learning Targets and Results

This task addresses the main element concept " Computer measurements of rate related to data transfer. ” The expected learning outcomes that will result from doing the project are: 

You will be able to compare diverse computers depending on the size of all their hard drives, cpu speeds, and amount of RAM.


You will be able to spell out various ways people use computers based on their very own lifestyles and professions.


You will be able to explain what type of computer (desktop, notebook) is desired based on a user's computer and working needs.

Task Requirements

1 . Select four different computers with different hard disk capacities, numbers of RAM, and processor rates of speed. Two computers should be desktop models and two should be notebooks. Track down information on each computer by way of an Internet search, a visit to a store that sells pcs, or a calculating magazine. Set their features and pricing in a table. 2 . Select three different professions (such as instructor, doctor, attorney, engineer, graphic designer, author, motion picture maker, or perhaps scientist) and describe what sort of computer might be needed in this line of job. Base your judgments on hard disk ability, RAM size, and cpu speed (or even the number of processors).

Essential Resources

In addition to having go through Chapter 2 to become knowledgeable about the measurements and numeric units used with computers, you really should search the world wide web for computer models and/or the job responsibilities required by a particular profession. Alternately, you could wish to in person interview a person about his / her profession and related pc use.

Distribution Specifications

You need to submit the results of the work making use of the following requirements: File Format:

Microsoft company Word (. doc /. docx)


1-2 web pages


Arial 10-point...