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 Trayvon Matn Essay

Social Movements

The fatality of Trayvon Martin started a fire. It caused people not only in the Florida community but throughout the land to request social alter within the legal system. An innocent boy's murdering has been compared to the lynching of Emmett Till in 1955. Trayvon Martin's fatality has shifted societal groups in a way that is actually not seen in over forty years. A lot of people across the land are angered that a young man who allegedly was just minding his business has been shoot with a man in the twenties because of a set mistrust. This gentleman, now busted, had been walking free to get weeks. This anger instilled in people provides caused huge numbers of people to sign petitions, organize rallies, and hold vigils. NBA players have presented with identical hooded sweatshirts on because Trayvon Martin was using when he was killed. Mentioned in one of the content articles by a well-liked African American commentator of " The First President Barrack Obama Road to the White colored House” suggested the importance of anger in causing social change. Roland Martin evaluated Harry Belafonte who was a confidant to Dr . Ruler. During the interview Belafonte explained, " We all first must be angry at our predicament, before we're going act upon changing our state. ” In addition , Belafonte stated, " So anger is known as a necessary force. It's not so much that you're angry, its what you are with your anger that finally determines the value of anger. ” Hopefully this cultural movement is going to clarify the need for a system that just not responds to violent uprising. Justice as well as the legal system need to work without a spark being placed directly under them. Change has to begin in the cities and areas. Even though the most the persons in larger positions happen to be older adults, the teenagers of this period will make decisions in due time. The young frontrunners have been powerfulk in performing organized rallies in protesting the flaws in the system and seeking a resolution for the problems. Roland Martin publishes articles,...