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 Totalitarianism and Study Question Essay

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The Personal and Legal Environment


STUDY ISSUE 1: What is the individualistic orientation and exactly how does it impact how government authorities intervene throughout the economy?

Generally, one can possibly assess a political system in terms of two related proportions. These are the degree to which a political program emphasizes suggestions of democracy versus and totalitarianism plus the degree where it emphasizes the ideals of ________. communities versus collectives

liberalism versus pluralism

individualism versus democracy

individuality versus collectivism

(p. 101; Application; Moderate)

The basic principle that an individual has the freedom to pursue his or her fascination, even in the risk of intimidating the common very good, is called ________. socialism




(p. information; Application; Easy) AACSB: Reflective Thinking

Supporters of the ideal of ________ argue that individual rights ought to be sacrificed pertaining to the good of the majority. socialism




(p. 102; App; Moderate) AACSB: Reflective Thinking

STUDY ISSUE 2: What is the collectivist orientation and how does it effect how government authorities intervene in the economy?

In a region that focuses on collectivism, ________.

the pursuits of the individual are usually more important compared to the interests with the state one individual or personal party physical exercises absolute control of the politics and economical systems the needs of society plus the needs of individuals are treated as essential the requirements of world take precedence over specific freedoms (p. 102; App; Moderate) AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity

Select from the following types of philosophical orientations that which champions the idea that the ideal of an specific or business to do anything may be constrained because it poises the common wellbeing of culture. liberalism




(p. 101; Concept; Easy)

Political systems based on the ________ paradigm, such as the ones from Japan and China, promote the principle that government may intervene to ensure that business practices profit society. individual




(p. 101; Strategy; Easy) AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity

Managers commonly assess political systems when it comes to two related dimensions. A single concern is the emphasis directed at the suggestions of democracy versus totalitarianism. The other concern looks at the degree that a country emphasizes the ________. ideas of individualism vs collectivism

concepts that are individualistic versus agent

ideas that stress the common good of communities compared to collectives ideas that are liberal versus pluralistic

(p. info; Application; Moderate)

STUDY QUERY 3: What exactly political ideology?

Although there will vary views regarding the purpose of a political program, most analysts agree that the essential job of a political system is to ________. incorporate the different portions of a world into a operating unit designate scarce methods among competing users

develop reasonable attitudes and outlooks within the inhabitants protect individuals within the nation from international threats

(p. 100; Principle; Moderate)

Within a practical feeling, the term politics system is meant to signify the ________. firm of armed service power within a country

doing work government within a country

philosophical orientations within a country

ethnical values in a country

(p. 100; Strategy; Easy)

The machine primarily utilized to integrate the various facets of society into a convenient, functioning product is the ________. economic system

legal system

personal system

industry system

(p. 100; Strategy; Easy)

A (n) ________ ideology is a system of tips that conveys the desired goals, theories, and aims of the country's politics program. scientific




(p. 102;...