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To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapter 18

Mayella is called for the witness stand. She looks like she tries to keep clean, in contrast to her father and her siblings; Scout is told of a gossip about geraniums on the Ewell property that supposedly belongs to Mayella. Mayella is asked to talk about the rape. She is extremely uncooperative and breaks down crying and moping many times. After a very long time, the court discovers that Mayella fought teeth and toe nail, but Tom still required " total advantage” of her. Since Atticus cross-examines Mayella, the girl takes offence to his courteousness as well as the mention of camaraderie. All of her actions in court show what a depressed life the girl leads. Atticus questions Mayella about herself and quickly, Scout knows that he could be " quietly building up before the jury a photo of the Ewell's home life” (244). Mayella admits that her daddy can get somewhat intolerable if he is ingesting; Atticus requires Mayella if her daddy has ever beaten her, after various moments of hesitation, the girl answers which has a firm number Mayella says that Jeff passes the Ewell property every day, however the day with the rape was your first time he previously ever been on the property. Atticus asks her if Ben hit her in the face. The lady answers yes, then no, then gets confused. Mayella is asked to recognize Tom. Atticus asks Jeff to stand up so they can have got a good take a look at him. This individual stands, and his left arm is usually revealed. This can be a full foot shorter than his proper; his left hand is shriveled up. Reverend Sykes tells the Finches and Dill that Jeff got his arm caught in a natural cotton gin when he was a child. Atticus requires Mayella how Tom would have raped her if having been one handed down. Angrily, the girl replies that she didn't know, although that he previously done this. All of the the courtroom is quiet; even the babies are silent. Mayella is usually allowed to reevaluate her testimony; she will keep to her story, but brings a few thoughts to make that flow better. She meows again and refuses to response any more questions. Scout believes that in some manner, Atticus had wounded Mayella, but the lady was not sure...