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Written Assignment #1

Syreeta Milbourne

Promoting 310

February 10, 2013

Written Project #1

Tide Pods

My own written project will concentrate on Proctor and Gambles latest success available in the market Tide Pods. The Pods current market circumstance turns out to be greater than P& G could have imagined. Considering the studies and tribulations it suffered before ever before making it to market. In a latest online document written by Jack port Neff, for adage. com it notes, " Pods came to marketplace six months afterwards than organized and without the originally planned retail special offers because of source shortages. ” (Neff, 2012). In addition , one of its competitors, Sun marketer of All Mighty Pacs, sued P& G pertaining to patent infringement. Perhaps the majority of devastating, the Pods came under direct overview from Senator Chuck Schumer, due to children accidentally eating them, which reportedly occurred nearly five-hundred times according to The Center to get Disease Control and Elimination. These things would likely be the death of a product, although P& G overcame difficulty, persevered, and have since reaped the benefits. The Pods are expected to gross $500 , 000, 000 in 1st year revenue. P& G predicts Tide Pods can account for 30% of the laundry market in the next 10 years. I would say the quantity in sales and the product demand speak volumes for the Pods potential. Customer interest seems to be high. In a latest report from http://www.consumernews.com(para.3) Wave Pods were the only single use item that cleaned out well enough to create their recommended list. The " SWOT ANALYSIS” pertaining to my item I sort of touched basis on initially of my paper. I do think the biggest durability is the trustworthy brand it is just a part of. Wave has been a proven and trustworthy brand for quite some time. Consumers depends on the top quality and reliability of the Wave brand. Second to that can be market share. P& G features claimed 68% market share in the laundry pods category, a growing segment which represents 7. 3% of the $7 billion U. S. laundry...