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CJ322 Criminal Justice in the 21st Century

January 30, 2011

Criminal Rights

The effects of the three strike legislation are triggering a strain around the criminal Rights system plus the correction subsystem. Boot camps may be one of the solutions to the increasingly above crowded prisons. The challenges are elevating everyday intended for Correctional Officers, especially girl officers whom are already at a disadvantage. The three strike legislation became extremely popular in the nineties. These statutes are passed by local government and require the state the courtroom to hand straight down a mandatory and extended sentence to a do it again offender which has committed two or more previous accidents. Between 93 and 1995, 26 states and the government passed 3 strikes laws and regulations. The lawmakers were required to take a second look at the treatment of replicate offenders after the kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Polly Klaas with a paroled duplicate offender. The results that the three strikes laws have to get the legal justice strategy is that not most crime cause a life sentence. Under this regulation, the all judges and jurors hand happen to be tied. They have no control of sentencing in the event the offender is found guilty. A life word for a demand of thievery may be regarded as cruel and unusual. This could be a clear breach of the 8-10 amendment privileges. The prisons are overloaded as it, so this " cookie cutter punishment” will only intensify the problem. There certainly should be a legislation that deters repeat offenders, but the consequence still has to fit the offense. Boot camps are military-style, semi-penal corporations that use willpower, military exercises, and strenuous physical training. A rebellious adolescent, following successful finalization, supposedly return home willing to obey power, follow rules, and boost behavior at your home and university. There are zero therapies for these camps. The idea is always to break the juveniles' heart and build him back up in the way that is socially...