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 Theoretical Platform and Hypothesis Essay

1 . 0Theoretical Framework and Hypothesis

1 ) 1Defining the variables

In the project people have 2 independent parameters and you dependent varying. Independent variable represents the inputs or perhaps causes and dependent represent the outputs or effects. The self-employed variables that we have chosen are product quality and price. The product top quality is the standard of the food that is suitable to the buyer. We will certainly measure the merchandise quality based on the appearance of the food, texture, as well as taste. For example , the shape of burger served, size of product compared to model, and the flavor whether that suit the soft palate of the consumers. As for the retail price variable, is it doesn't amount the purchasers have to pay in return of the item they acquire. It will be assessed in term of cost-effective to the buyer whether it is cheap or expensive. For example , the cost range of one restaurant out-do the others. The consumers can tend to review prices ahead of the make decision. The reliant variable pertaining to our research project is choices of fast food cafe. There will be many selections available for the university student to pick from. For example , McDonalds, KFC, French fries Hut, and Burger King. We will find out how the impartial variable will affect the centered variable. 1 ) 2Hypothesis

H1(null): There is no romance between item quality(taste, physical appearance, texture) and the choices of fast food restaurant. H1(alternate): There is a marriage between merchandise quality(taste, overall look, texture)and the options of fast food restaurant. H2(null): There is no marriage between price and the choices of fast food cafe. H2(alternate): We have a relationship among price and the choices of take out restaurant. 1 . 3Illustration from the theoretical framework

Product Quality

Choices of Take out Restaurant


2 . 0Research Design

2 . 1Purpose of research

The objective of the research is usually to test the hypothesis that will explain the...