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1 ) Competitive characteristics of marketplace (Airbus vs . Boeing)

The commercial aviators world has become dominated for a long time by the product sales conflict between Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and Airbus's A380

• Airbus A380 – Double from the 787 Dreamliner passengers

• 787 Dreamliner – Half of Airbus' passengers

2 . Cost per unit

By the end of 2004, customer-announced orders and commitments to get the 787 reached 237 aircraft. Boeing initially charged the 787-8 variant in US$120В million, a low figure that surprised the industry. In 2007, the list price was:

• US$146–151. 5 million intended for the 787-3

• US$157–167 million for the 787-8

• US$189–200 million intended for the 787-9

Price flower due cost of labor and transportation.

3. Financial burden

Despite the grounding, Boeing continues producing the Dreamliner. Beneath is a situation of what would happen in case the Dreamliner stay grounded.

• 6 months – some cancelling (6 a few months into it, subcontracts needs to end it as it will be away of business)

• on the lookout for months grounding – big problems

5. Stock efficiency

Boeing (BA) shares have already been stoic, as seen in a stock chart, when confronted with the everlasting grounding around the world of 787 Dreamliners until authorities can figure out why power packs malfunctioned.


The stock's performance elements consider simply by investors:

• Believe Boeing will resolve the issues

• Air carriers have couple of options beyond waiting for the fix after which taking delivery of the 787s they've ordered • Airbus isn't near to delivering the similar, fuel-efficient wide-body • And performing without fresh planes would hamper air travel operations

2 weeks . remarkable location of power, and one particular few customers would want to end up on the other side of. With a PE ratio of about 15 and a gross yield of two. 6%, Boeing isn't cheap but the support for the stock, even in the face of this embarrassing problem, is amazing.