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 The Progress of HELLO THERE Essay


American mining – Wealth of ____________________________________________ necessary for professional production [Silver – NEV/Klondike gold/Mesabi Range Migration – Foreign nationals (southern & eastern Europe) provide a huge _____________ force Gov't _________________ & taxes concessions to rr's – Transport raw materials & completed products, and also settlers, to create national markets Advances in communication – Telegraph, phone, typewriter, & mail support improved Corporation charters – Access to investment capital & protection of limited liability [Captains of Industry & /or Robber Barons] _____________________________ attitude of gov't – Provided businesses substantial latitude in determining all their policies & procedures w/o regulation Bessemer process – Allowed for the less expensive transformation of iron to _____________, a stronger & fewer brittle materials which was essential for construction of rrs & heavy equipment New options for power – Coal & oil are inexpensive sources of fuel [Rockefeller] High tariffs – Republican administrations specifically sought high import taxes to lessen international competition Yankee ingenuity – US creators, protected simply by gov't patents: electric lamps, vulcanized plastic, telephone, typewriter, steel plow, & contemporary press Business people – Led enormous amts. of capital & launched new procedures & methods that spurred US's commercial growth Vertical integration – Pioneered simply by ____________________ & US Metallic: All of the various business activities needed to create & offer a done product (procuring the recycleables, preparing them, producing all of them, marketing these people, & then selling them) would be done by the same firm. Horizontal incorporation – Technique of increasing as much control of an entire solitary industry as possible, usually by simply creating concentration & possessing companies: Rockefeller & ______________________ (92% by one point in time) National markets – Created large demand for professional products &...