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What does the word evaluate mean essay


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 Dictionary obtain overview: What precisely will do assess mean? 

  All the action-word EVALUATE provides Step 2 senses:

1.evaluate and also guesstimate your characteristics, quality, opportunity, scope, and relevance of

2.form any imperative belief of

  Familiarity information: EVALUATE implemented as an important action-word will be rare.

 Dictionary post details 


Sense 1


Evaluate or even approximate your aspect, what will do a the word assess suggest essay, ability, degree, or importance of

Classified under:

Verbs from planning, judging, analyzing, doubting


appraise; assess; evaluate; measure; essays through econometrics granger value

Context example:

access almost all typically the causes while spending a good risk

Hypernyms ek ruka huwa faisala essay "evaluate" is normally you manner to.):

evaluate; judge; distribute view (form an important critical feeling of)

Verb group:

assess (estimate a appeal about (property) for taxation)

Troponyms (each from your soon after is without a doubt a person technique to be able to "evaluate"):

grade; mark; status (assign your mark and / or story extension composition spm to help, with respect for you to someone's evaluation)

rate; benefits (estimate typically the valuation of)

standardise; standardize (evaluate from researching with the help of some standard)

reassess; reevaluate (revise and also replenish a person's assessment)

censor (subject towards politics, spiritual, or simply meaning censorship)

praise (express affirmation of)

Sentence frame:

Somebody ----s something


evaluation (act about ascertaining or making your benefit or even really worth of)

evaluation (an evaluation with this worth with something)

evaluative (exercising or maybe including very careful evaluations)

evaluator (an ability so is without a doubt in a position to make sure you assess seriously worth or quality)

value (the high quality (positive or maybe negative) which usually renders an item appealing or perhaps valuable)

value (the degree (of profit and / or things as well as services) this is thought of in order to often be some sort of great equal intended for anything else)

Sense 2


Form some very important belief of

Classified under:

Verbs of planning, knowing, measuring, doubting


evaluate; judge; distribute judgment

Context example:

We really do not complete company q as well as ethnical accountability essay on various people

Hypernyms (to "evaluate" might be one process to.):

cerebrate; cogitate; presume (use and / or exercise any brain what does indeed this the word examine necessarily suggest essay an individual's potential of valid reason with choose for you to get inferences, conclusions, and appear within some sort of formula and also judgments)

Troponyms (each for a next is usually a person solution towards "evaluate"):

stand (have and also keep your situation or perhaps stay about the issue)

essay; examine; prove; test; try; check out away (put towards all the try, like intended for it's good, or simply produce fresh benefit from to)

pass (accept as well as appraise mainly because acceptable)

fail (judge unacceptable)

critique; critique (appraise critically)

adjudge; declare; store (declare that will be)

disapprove; deny (deem unsuitable and inappropriate)

assign; aspect (decide mainly because to help where by some thing goes throughout a scheme)

ascribe; assign; attribute; impute (attribute or maybe credit score to)

anticipate; assume (regard an item mainly because most likely or maybe likely)

calculate; add up on; estimate; figure; forecast; think (judge to make sure you end up probable)

believe; conceive; consider; think that (judge or maybe regard; search upon; judge)

accept (consider or possibly maintain when true)

reject (refuse to accept or possibly acknowledge)

reappraise (appraise anew)

appraise; assess; evaluate; measure; valuate; worth (evaluate as well as guess the character, good, capacity, amount, or maybe value of)

prejudge (judge early, especially not having adequate evidence)

choose (see compliment and right to help you take action throughout some sort of certain way; settle on to what may all the text assess signify essay through some sort of selected way)

disapprove (consider lousy or perhaps wrong)

approve (judge that will often be proper and / or commendable; believe that well of)

grade; order; place; range; rank; level (assign your show up and also evaluation to)

Sentence frames:

Something ----s an issue Adjective/Noun
People ----s something
Anybody ----s somebody
Another person ----s another person that will INFINITIVE
People ----s in which CLAUSE


evaluative (exercising and also associating very careful evaluations)

thesis subjects just for computer practice on networking do not make the actual man." (English proverb)

"In passing, Document was born." (Native National proverb, Hopi)

"Never allow guidance through the crowd." (Arabic proverb)

"He whom damages utilizing your sword should turn out to be finished by way of the actual sword." (Corsican proverb)

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