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 The PlannersBoey Kim Cheng-Analysis Essay


The poet of the composition " The Planners”, Boey Kim Cheng, uses various techniques, including but not restricted to an extended metaphor and representation, to properly communicate his views on the planners. In the beginning of the composition, the poet states the particular planners perform. " They will plan. They build. All spaces are gridded, ” shows that the planners are extremely organized. The phrase " permutations” shows that every space can be tightly jam-packed to the full potential by the planners. " The buildings happen to be in alignment with the roads”, and the mention of the mathematics, seeing that mathematics can create a one and only solution to any problem, demonstrates the organizers have just made one possible outcome for every thing they build. One choice. One perfection. But it is their point of view of corporation and perfection, and people with different views, including the personna, many think them as distressing of their own perspectives and creativeness of variety.

Up to this point the poet offers successfully utilized language to persuade us that the builders have planned and created exactly as they need it. Everything uniform and perfect. However , towards the end of the 1st stanza there exists a twist. The poet promises that they will " build and not stop. ”, stating that they will do what they believe is correct without stopping coming from both physical obstacles as well as the obstacles of people that go against sb/sth ? disobey their suggestions. The next lines show that how nature, which is personified to give this more of a lifelike feeling, attracts back and recedes from the building contractors. Waves usually do not normally draw back, and heavens cannot, clearly, surrender, and so the exaggeration in the personifications implies that the building contractors have a lot impact and effect on the earth that actually nature is afraid of them. The three lines cast a shadow within the builders and make all of us wonder if what the constructors do is in fact positive or perhaps negative.

Inside the second stanza, the poet person uses a long metaphor to describe and to criticize what the planners do. The...