The Patriot Act: Reliability Protocols, Migration System

 The Patriot Act: Secureness Protocols, Migration System Dissertation

п»їSeptember 11, 2001

Lexcia Negron



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Feb . 17, 2014


The 9/11 terrorist attack in america has become one of the known disasters in history. As a result of horrible tragedies that occurred on Sept. 2010 11, 2001, America has had some results from this. From receiving stopped more than ever before in the international airport, to having an Immigration system and also having an Work that allows the federal government to intrude in peoples' lives. Security protocols, Migrants System, What in detail will the Patriot Act involve. All those three subjects will be discussed in detail inside my essay. 9/11 will always be regarded as a turning point in the history of America. The events of that day will never be neglected.

Sept. 2010 11, 2001

September 11th, 2001 was the series of several coordinated terrorist attacks that had been launched simply by an Islamic group which goes by the name Al-Qaeda. This particular group of terrorist hijacked 4 passenger flight companies crashing a pair of them into the Twin Podiums of the world Operate Center in New York City. Another plane also crashed in the Pentagon in Washington D. C. and a next in a discipline in Shanks Ville, Philadelphia. The terrorist attacks kept on Sept. 2010 11, 2001 changed the view outside the window of many Americans. Some radical changes in America were reliability protocols, the birth of the Patriot Work and migration laws. This essay will certainly explain the way the attacks and countries reaction to them even now affect American lives today.

The years after September 11th have absolutely reshaped a large number of facets of lifestyle in America. For example , specific I actually. D is currently required and must exactly match name on ticket, shoes has to be removed in checkpoints and no exceptions. Other Airport Security comes with the removal of almost all metal items such as belt buckles, cash, eye glasses and mobile phones. All baggage and carryon items must be processed through security at all times, pat downs had been enhanced and everyone...

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