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 The Headaches in Society Essay

Is Meeting up Bad for Youthful Women?

I. Summary

In the Context document " Can be Hooking Up Detrimental to Women”, the authors explore the positive and negative aspects of women meeting up at youthful ages. The content starts off by simply explicitly saying that it will " counter promises that meeting up represents a sudden and mind boggling change is youth sexual culture. ” (Armstrong, Stalinsky, and Britain: 23) We could told that research and scholars have located that " sexual double standards [are the] essential source of male or female inequality in sexuality”. (Armstrong, Hamilton, and England: 23) From there it takes a more traditional approach, explaining that modern-day teens and young adults are certainly not in fact having more love-making then their parents performed (some 40-50 years ago). Surveys reported about 80 percent of college kids hook up at some time during their several years, in which roughly half of that many of these has only had several or fewer hookups total. The article in that case explains that " meeting up isn't significantly new, and the big difference in adolescent and young adult sexual behavior occurred together with the baby boomers [years ago]. ” (Armstrong, Hamilton, and England: 24) The feeling then adjustments, where joining is viewed in a more positive aspect. Relating tot this individual article, joining can be good because there are little emotional risks involved, helping to make sexual interactions fun and everyday. The article then contrasts the down sides and benefits associated with set-up. It uncovers how set-up are more harmful for women in that case men, and just how the intimate double regular continues to trouble societies' perspective of women hooking up. Next, the article contrasts that relationships usually are all ideal either, and that they can often impede normal school