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 The Latest Vivere Furniture Series Vassa Composition


VASSA, the latest VIVERE furniture series with modern look, is developed by Irvan A. Noe'man, one of Indonesian prominent professional designer. Vassa incorporate nice and all-natural color in each of its collection. The selection of pine veneer as well as the open ouverture finishing technique for the wood furniture, can be combined with normal and the planet tone color for the upholstery products, creating warm, relaxing and calm ambiance inside the place.

Vassa unique lifestyle combines well with contemporary room with normal style. The series is available for living room, dining area, bedding and home office collection.

The new variety of the accesories bring out the essence of heritage, such as Wayang Saluyu Bagja, Thing Deco Traveling by air Birdie, Target Deco Girl Silhouette, and Vase Deco Chic with Leaf Bamboo Trunk which can be nicely decorating for your living room.

Intended for the dining room you can bring your plate for the whole new level which has a beautiful and luxurious choices such as Provide Plate Lolli Turgol and Vase Decoration Lolli Turgol which match with selected gorgeous flower including Flower Rose Yellow Orange colored and Flower Tulip White-colored Yellow to create your eating more seem sheek and sofisticated.

To remember Wall Decoration Sunshine and Wall Decoration Ocean to decorating the room and brings the warm and relaxing ambience at the same time.

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Vassa, ialah koleksi terbaru dari VIVERE dengan desain kontemporer, dikembangkan oleh Irvan A. Noe'man, salah 1 interior desainer terkemuka Dalam negri.

Vassa menggabungkan warna lembut dan alami di awd koleksinya. Pemilihan veneer kenari dan metode yang menerima pori-pori terbuka, teknik ini untuk menyediakan aksen di setiap produk design yang terbuat dari...