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 The Importance of Securing Home windows and Other Servers Essay


Quite Of Obtaining Window And also other Servers

Mario Torres

DeVry University

SEC 280

Assignment 1, Week 2 Case Study

Elana Buchanan-Dinkins

March 16, 2015

The Important Of Acquiring Window And also other Servers

You are the Information Security Officer at a medium-sized company (1, 500 employees). The CIO asks one to explain so why you believe it is important to secure the Windows and Unix/Linux web servers from noted shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Explain to your CIO what you can do to ensure the network infrastructure is somewhat more secure. As is well-known the Internet is usually not the most trusting destination to put personal data of us; steps are needed to protect by harmful risks and vulnerabilities. The CIO should know that if the firm doesn't protect their Windows or Unix/Linux servers from unknown flaws and weaknesses, the company could easily get attacked by hackers, who would like to steal confidential information to commit crimes, it could damage the data or worst it could steal your data of which the organization had save for many years (Records). Hackers typically use unique codes or viruses in the form of viruses, worms, time bombs, logic bombs, Trojan, and many more. To corrupt a provider's network system and it is network operating system. Normally when they accomplish this kind of points, they are trying to steal data, such as credit cards, property info, social secureness numbers, tackles, phone numbers, and anything else that might be used to determine a person or help duplicate a business. The CIO should have a method to protect you can actually network facilities from this kind of catastrophes. System is more safeguarded. The first point which i will treat consist within the multiple problems that computer system networks happen to be expose, which can be in bulk done by cyber-terrorist or a person, that obtain access to servers of Windows and Linux to explode their weaknesses. For this reason, in general terms reliability; has we define the act of provide gain access to...