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Looking For Alaska or The Catcher in the Rye

Many parallels can be driven between the key protagonists in John Green's Looking for Ak, and L. D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. Even though these two arriving of age novels differ considerably in establishing and in circumstances, many of the larger, more fundamental themes in each are in reality quite similar. John Green was greatly influenced simply by J. M. Salinger, and in many cases admitted that Miles " Pudge" Halter in Looking For Alaska, was based mainly off of Holden Caulfield, the main character in Catcher in the Rye. In reading the 2 books, this statement becomes less and less hard to believe even as see ignorance, rebellion against authority, fatality, isolation, and in the end maturity, and self-reassurance since underlying subject matter matters in both approaching of age books.

Almost quickly, we see immaturity in the two Miles, and Holden in something because discernible while each of their voices. Keep in mind that take lengthy to notice that many of Miles' main problems are types that have an effect on himself, and his pursuit of the affections of Alaska Youthful. Even following Alaska passes away, we see Miles torturing him self over her still, asking himself items like, " Did she ever love myself? Would she have left Jake for me? Or was it just another impulsive Alaska instant? It was insufficient to be the previous guy she kissed. I desired to be the last one she loved. And i also knew We wasn't. That i knew it, and i also hated her for it. We hated her for not nurturing about me personally. " (Looking For Alaska, p. 171). While Miles shows his immaturity subconsciously in the sense that his biggest worries include himself instead of others, Holden demonstrates his own class, or none whatsoever, through his recklessness in school, casually telling the reader things such as, " They will kicked me personally out. I actually wasn't likely to come back following Christmas holiday, on the account of I had been flunking four subjects and not applying personally at all. That they gave me regular warning to start out applying personally - especially around midterms when mother and father came on with a conference while using old Thurmer - nevertheless I didn't do it. So I got the ax. " (Catcher in the Rye, s. 6). It's borderline disturbing how non-chalant Holden plainly feels toward his education.

The consistent rebellion against authority is another reoccurring subject in equally books. Especially, the pastime use of liquor and cigarette happen regularly in the two books, and is especially highlighted in Trying to find Alaska seeing that all of the characters who tend to participate in these kinds of behaviors will be underage. In some way, this paradoxically enhances the excitement in Miles' perspective when he asks him self, " For what reason did we all drink? Personally it was simply fun, particularly since we were risking expulsion. " (Looking For Ak, p. 111). It sounds as being similar to Miles and Holden will make quite good friends on this topic. In fact , it might be rather hard to tell apart both the rebels after hearing what they have to say about it. Holden recalls, " I actually lay in the bed and lit a cigarette. You weren't permitted to smoke inside the dorm, nevertheless, you could undertake it late during the night when everyone was in bed or out and nobody can smell the smoke. Besides, I did that to annoy Stradlater. " A lot of illicit, in-room smoking cigarettes happens in Looking For Alaska as well, between Miles wonderful roommate, Processor chip, who had a large number of strategies for to not get caught. Additionally , it is not to be overlooked that there is a pending figure of authority in both of the colleges in every single book, referred to in the eye of both equally protagonists because having electricity, yet happen to be worthy of at least a lot of sportsmanship-like admiration. At Pencey, there is the Thurmer, and at Culver Creek Boarding School, you will find the Eagle. Recognize how Mls and Holden have undermined each with their headmaster's expert by giving all of them a moniker to phone them by other than their name.

Both Holden and Miles suffer from death, and despite the fact that the actual loved ones who have die in each publication have a very diverse relationship to...