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The concept of ethical obligation

GEORGE Tenet plus the Last Great Days of the CIA

PADM 500: Contemporary Public Administration

Identify several (4) cross-coded ethical dilemmas facing former CIA Representative George Tenet and determine their impact on his management abilities. During George Tenet tenure as director of the Central Cleverness Agency, there was several moral dilemmas he faced, between which importantly were the violations of national and international human right guidelines. George Tenet was as well faced with the ethical problem of being uncomplicated to the people he worked with, specifically his field officers, and the most essentially the region as in particular. He recognized all along that the claims about Saddam Hussein and chemical weapons were a fluke, but went along with that and expense American households over four thousand lives. Additionally , his role as meditator in the meeting between former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and the Israeli Excellent Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also an ethical matter. Professionally, this role was more diplomat than primary spymaster, which made many insiders " distinctly uncomfortable” (Posner 98; Tenet 2007, 74). Others in the operations were thrilled with the idea considering it as underhanded despite the fact that Tenet tried to make clear that no person else can act better in that position. This vulnerable his command due to the fact that people were starting to lack trust in his management. Analyze 4 (4) ways that Tenet tackled the prioritization of ethical concerns. George Tenet utilized diverse approach to address the prioritization of his ethical concerns amongst which especially was the execution of CIA policies. Since the function of mediator for Yasser Arafat and Benjamin Netanyahu, the presidents of Palestine and His home country of israel respectively, this individual stated that " We are the one entity both sides could trust”. (Tenet 2007, 64). When Tent spoke regarding this situation, it was obvious that he had great...

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