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 The City Essay

The City

At the start in the 20th, sociologists first started to study and develop ideas surrounding urbanisation and the town. The Chicago School was your main strategy used till other theories were produced that did start to question the strategy used. There are many theories utilized to study and understand the town and how it works.

The Environmental Approach point of view on the Town is extracted from the physical science from the study with the natural environment. This kind of theory thinks that towns do not grow up randomly but do this because of positive aspects in their around environment, or perhaps do not increase due to drawbacks. Most huge urban areas usually develop along rivers, about fertile terrain and around trading routes. The city Dundee is located in the bottom of dormant volcano that causes the land to be fertile and is likewise located following to a river. Both these factors surrounding this kind of city support this theory. However , throughout the 1960's, sociologists first did start to question the Ecological Strategy. The Chicago, il School was the first key theory used during the 1920's and 1930's by a specific group of sociologists at the University or college of Chi town focused on the location as social laboratory. Their way of thinking adjacent social relationships was extremely qualitative and rigorous in data evaluation. The Chicago, il School was developed by Robert Park who will be well known in the field of human ecology. Park and Burgess applied Chicago for instance of commonalities between the metropolis and the surrounding and the environment using theory's proposed by Darwin. Then they put forward thinking about the concentric zone model that gives evidence for interpersonal groups in urban areas and how people within just different areas of the model have related characteristics because they were be subject to the same environmental pressure. i actually This model could be applied to a large number of cities, a single being Dundee. Areas such as Maryfield will be situated near to the centre and experiences the best crime rates whereas Broughty...