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 The Goldmacher Essay


Santiago's repeated dream of treasure by the Pyramids reveals the value of dreams generally inside the novel, and not just literal ones. This particular wish is offered as important, and both the fortune teller and Melchizedek encourage Santiago to follow that literally. However the centrality of dreams inside the novel relies more generally on the proven fact that youthful desires for the future must not be displaced as you ages, but instead should be held on to and pursued with passion through one's lifestyle. Santiago is this way an everyman leading man in that this individual holds quickly to his dream in spite of discouraging incidents such as the robbery of his money in the market. Coelho shows that because he features his dream to fall backside on, also material deprivations cannot decrease the boy from going after his objective and pursuing his wish, literally in the Pyramids and figuratively of leaving the comforts of home for a fantastic adventure. As opposed to the baker or ravenscroft merchant, whom, like most, prioritized material success and comfort over following the dreams of their particular youth, Santiago experiences the enjoyment that occurs with fulfillment of your respective spiritual quest. Love

A secondary theme in The Alchemist is love, which Santiago desires at the novel's opening as he fantasizes regarding his next encounter while using merchant's child with to whom he spoke briefly the previous year. He could be young and alone, and wants heartily to get true friendship, which he hopes to locate with the amazing girl with all the raven locks. However , in recounting her reaction to his literacy, the girl seems limited in her ability to value his desire to have something even more in life, an interest that is recognized and well-regarded by Fatima, whom he meets in the oasis when he attempts to find out his Personal Tale. Her love is of another type of variety, one that encourages him to soar to fresh heights instead of asks him to show his wings to stay with her. Fatima expresses her love as being a wish to be with Santiago when he finds himself and is...