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Purpose of the Literature Review

Boote, D. In. & Beile, P. (2005). Scholars prior to researchers: Around the centrality with the dissertation materials review in research planning. Educational Researcher 34/6, 3-15. What is a literature review?

(adapted from: http://www.library.cqu.edu.au/tutorials/litreviewpages/)

A materials review is definitely an evaluative report of studies present in the literary works related to the selected region. The review should illustrate, summarize, evaluate and make clear this materials. It should provide a theoretical basis for the research and help you determine the nature of your very own research. Pick a limited number of works which might be central on your area instead of trying to accumulate a large number of functions that are not as closely attached to your subject area. A literature assessment goes beyond the search for information and includes the identification and articulation of relationships between literature along with your field of research. Even though the form of the literature review may vary based on a types of studies, the fundamental purposes remain constant: • • • • • • • • • • Provide a context to get the research Warrant the research Assure the research hasn't been done prior to (or that it must be not just a " replication study" ) Demonstrate where the exploration fits into the present body expertise Enable the researcher to master from prior theory on the subject Illustrate the way the subject continues to be studied recently Highlight defects in earlier research Outline gaps in previous research Show that the work adds to your home to the understanding and knowledge of the field Help refine, refocus or maybe change the subject

For the stages of any literature review see: http://www.library.cqu.edu.au/tutorials/litreviewpages/topic.htm

Strategies for your Literature Review*

*Loosely based upon the outline in: Kirby, S., Greaves, L. & Reid, C. (2006). Searching the Literary works. In Knowledge research sociable change: Strategies beyond the mainstream (pp. 101117). Peterborough, ON: Broadview...