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 Taj Circumstance Organisation Tradition Essay



TAJ Hotel group culture

 Customer centric approach.

 " ATITHI DEVO BHAVA ” was their helping


 Building trust and lengthy relationship with customers.

 Develop expertise - Command of outcomes

, business and individuals.

 Better aligning the company towards reaching its

eyesight, mission, and goals

 High worker motivation and loyalty

 Shaping worker behavior at the office, enabling the

organization being more efficient.

 Empowered staff.

Factors ultimately causing the culture….

 Value driven recruitment system.

Seek new recruits instead of lateral hires.

Hire clingy people from small towns and partial urban areas

exactly where traditional American indian values such as respect pertaining to elders and teachers, humbleness, consideration individuals, discipline and honesty nonetheless hold swing.

Recruitment based on traditional principles, respect to get elders, sunniness and neediness.

 Schooling employees because customers ambassadors

3 skills happen to be imparted specialized, personality abilities and

client handling skills.

Duration of teaching is 18 months against the normal 12

several weeks.

Employee empowerment to take decisions and action without any


Factors resulting in the culture….

Recognition because reward program.

TAJ group believed that happy personnel lead to content customers. ACTORS program linked customer delight to staff rewards.

Compliment by Guest,

supplement from acquaintances

Own suggestions

Immediate director was in charge of rewarding and

recognizing his subordinates.

Orbit performance system to recognize people.

Customer centric approach.


Dedication to duty, aspire to protect guest, quick considering, personal qualified. Highest quality

Ability to a large number of extra a long way to joy customer..

Supervision Perspective



Challenging model to imitate, supplying

competitive edge

Selection of personnel is crucial.

Faults in selection may damage


Contended employees stay loyal to

the company, with low regret.

Strong culture acts to homogenize

the workforce and minimize

diversity. This reduces imagination

and advancement.

Low cost although highly effective

staff who happen to be motivated.

Barrier to mergers and

purchases as it becomes

difficult for individuals to modify.

Corrective actions are easy to

discover and consider up

Company Perspective



Speedy decisions due to


Improper use of electricity can happen in a

decentralized system

Social control within the company.

Everybody is usually oriented towards

same way.

Strong tradition Can lead to " Group

Think” which will kill innovation.

Aim alignment makes decision


Culture being so good it is difficult

for the organization to alter when


Equal chance for each

worker to realize their full

potential within the firm