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I visited The Kesher Israel the modern orthodox Synagogue in Georgetown about November 15th to attend their particular 7: 00 p. meters. Thursday services which is regarded Maariv as it was an afternoon service. The lining of the Synagogue looked very old style and to some degree like a standard Baptist church of We would attend but with a few distinctions. There were doze rows of pews going forward and in the middle was I was sort of area which look like a pool pit which I found out was called a Bimah and that is had been a person reads the Torah out loud to the market. The Torah is the Judaism bible, which consists of five books from the old testaments, which is Genesis Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. There was only seven people when I came in nevertheless they were friendly even though that they seemed inquisitive why I had been there. Once i told these people I i am just coming over for my course assignment, they will seemed understanding and had been pleased to answer my questions. Ellen Epstein was the lady assign to assist me with any inquiries I might possess. As soon as My spouse and i start composing, a lady stated she knew it is going to happen so the lady was ready to tell me personally but nobody can write inside the Synagogue but memorize what they see and talk about. She even asked me to possess a sweet wine and loaf of bread with these people. After the assistance, people visited a interpersonal room together conversations. I asked a guy if the bread and wine include certain which means having Christ giving out breads and wine beverages to represent his body and blood nonetheless they were not related. According to the persons at the support, the Thursday night service often takes from forty-five minutes to a single hour. They will start vocal the praying in the book known as " Nashira Shabbat”, which in turn goes in reverse way because the Hebrew is usually read from right to kept and is made up of prayers by Psalms, after which talk about the Torah that they start browsing from the beginning each year and finish studying and talking about by the end in the year. But the day We went to was special because the rabbi...