Swot Analysis

 Swot Examination Essay

SWOT Analysis of " Proffs Electronics”


1 . Advantages

2 . Review of the organization

3. Advantages

4. Weak points

5. Chances

6. Threats

7. Matrix of SWOT analysis

8. Realization

9. Recommendations


In the subsequent essay Let me talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the business " Elit Electronics”, likewise threats and opportunities of the company in the existing market. SWOT evaluate will help all of us to evaluate industry position from the firm and what it is capable of in the future. We can also identify competitors of the company and compare to " Elit Electronics”.

Review of the corporation

JSC " Elit Electronics"  started their operation on the Georgian customer market in 1996. Area of the activities of the Company protects retail and wholesale control with TELEVISION sets, audio and video devices, cookware, computers and cell phones. Quest of the " Elit Electronics"  is to generate valuable contribution in development of successful persons and the nation, deliver advanced technologies to each family and every person with a comprehensive portfolio of options with best assistance. Under the name " Elite XXI” on May almost eight, 1996, JSC " Elit Electronics"  was founded in Batumi. At the time of their establishment employees of the Firm comprised of only 3 users. At present amount of the provider's staff is approximately 900. In the beginning the Company was involved simply in the selling of online video cassettes, but later they expanded all their activities and began trade with audio and video devices. Nowadays " Elit Electronics" is the distributor of VESTEL, SAMSUNG, VOGEL, GORENJE, FAGOR, BOCSH, SIEMENS, TEFAL, ROWENTA, MOULINEX and GAGGENAU. Currently the business includes thirty-five shops of " Elit Electronics"  (in Batumi, Kobuleti, Poti, Senaki, Kutaisi, Khashuri, Chiatura, Sagarejo, Martvili, Telavi, Rustavi, Tbilisi and also other towns) and 40 dealership shops throughout Georgia. Best prices, extensive and on a regular basis renewed assortment, warranty and post-warranty companies, home delivery of purchased products, possibility to buy the items on an instalment plan, high level service and individual way of each customer conditions current reputation make of " Proffs Electronics"  on Georgian buyer market.

Quick review of the market

" Elit Electronics” has been operating in the market since 1996 and it is regarded as the leader in Georgian industry. But as kids of the products that the organization is telling customers is usually wide, it has a big quantity of opponents. " Proffs Electronics' primary competitors will be: " Mobi” and " Eliteli” on the market of cell phones, " Alta” and " Eliteli” available in the market of computer systems and its components, " Sony”, " LG” and " Beko” in the market of household techniques. Business target market isn't just one part of customers. As it suggests different products several price and quality that meets the wants of virtually all segments of customers.

Strong points

One of the key causes of industry�s success is actually a strong top rated management and high skills of workers. " Elit Electronics” provides young, professional and highly motivated administration team. Their main basic principle is to be better than they were recently. The company is attempting to improve the training of the workers all the time. You will encounteer trainings in the company to enhance the customer providers, efficiency of management, as well as the knowledge about the goods that are advised. As " Elit Electronics” is a leader in Georgian market, it has received a lot of home or foreign awards; that improves the of the firm. Also it improves customers' and financial institutions' loyalty and trust to " Elit Electronics”. In the field of social tasks main direction of the firm is education and upbringing of young technology, taking care about formation with their national spirit, expressed in several projects integrated by the business. They also dedicate a...

Referrals: www.elitelectronics.ge



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