Supplier Marriage Management Performance Monitoring to achieve your goals

 Supplier Relationship Management Performance Monitoring for Success Essay

Supplier Marriage Management

Efficiency Monitoring to be successful

May 7, 2008

Business Overview

Lender of Montreal (BMO)

Established in 1817 as Lender of Montreal, BMO Economic Group (TSX, NYSE: BMO) is a very diversified finance organization. With total assets of $367 billion by October 31, 2007 and almost 36, 000 employees,.

BMO provides a broad range of selling banking, wealth management and investment banking products and solutions.

We serve Canadian clients through

• BMO Bank of Montreal – our personal and industrial banking organization • BMO Nesbit Burns – one of Canada's leading wealth administration firms • BMO Capital Markets - North American investment and corporate financial division In the usa, clients will be served through

• Harris Bank - a major U. S. Midwest financial services corporation with a network of community banks inside the Chicago region and wealth management office buildings across the Us • BMO Capital Marketplaces - the North American expenditure and corporate banking division. Ideal Sourcing Summary

Established 10+ years

P& SS is currently structured in regards to Category Managing model having a total of 44 FTE in Canada and U. T. including the Strategic Organization Consultants team

F2008 cost savings target is $80MM NIX impact– value is derived from the categories through program administration, sourcing activities, expense administration and outsourced workers YOY we have seen a rise in the volume of initiatives our company is managing that exceeds the increase in cost savings – this can be largely because of the increased function we are getting asked to experience in pursuits from a governance perspective

Resulted in a need to identify fresh savings opportunities as well as improve our proper supplier associations


Procurement & Proper Sourcing

Built-in Supplier Managing Program


To build and establish across the enterprise an integrated approach, governance system, processes and tools to manage negotiations with all suppliers (including use outsourcing for partners) Range

Establish a formal supplier marriage program, by segmenting suppliers, integrating regulatory requirements, formalizing management actions by segmentation, and creating tools and templates for managers of suppliers to establish proper metrics and incentives to foster a collaborative relationship





Develop and create enterprise-wide requirements for distributor segmentation (including operational risk and ongoing business impact)

Formalize the amount of interaction for every segment of suppliers Develop and put into practice an enterprise scorecard process for suppliers with KPI's Create a recognition program for outstanding suppliers

Drive benefit and performance through:




Improving inside efficiency in working with suppliers intended for both P& SS and within Coach Reducing detailed risk by simply better managing/controlling suppliers Lowering costs through external procedure improvement, vis-Г -vis improved dealer collaboration


Refocus methods on even more strategic initiatives to increase worth propositions and reduce total cost of ownership Building partnerships that could encourage development and possibly drive worth creation Power supplier human relationships in order to improve supplier reference allocation (" customer of choice”) to enhance competitive advantage in the market place

Continued maximization of existing supplier human relationships

Increased concentrate on supplier governance and risk mitigation


Procurement & Strategic Finding

BMO Distributor Relationship Managing - Background

Major Distributor Strategy (MSS)

This program was launched in 2001 and centered on 40 important BMO suppliers with the pursuing intent:

Pushing deeper collaboration with our suppliers ( GET / GET ) More focused supplier supervision through establishment of Provider Relationship Owners

Annual review of supplier efforts

Recognize individuals suppliers that excelled with the " SOUL of Excellence” awards wedding ceremony

Program Success...


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