Ideal Leadership Structure

 Strategic Management Framework Article

п»їAY 2012-2013

SL Framework



Mrs. Janie Benton





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Last natural stone on Pyramid

Leadership is very relative new phenomena in addition to my opinion there is not any exact health professional prescribed or check list how to take action. As a matter of fact it shouldn't possess prescription because it is about persons and leading people and organization. Through this content additionally it is hard to determine norms and values to get leadership. Inside my paper I might try to describe my construction of tactical leadership and mention issues that matter. For me Strategic leadership does not have to be stereotype, it must be extremely flexible and dynamic. Possibly I avoid believe in Tactical leadership health professional prescribed I am going to describe what kind of elements my own leadership will be based upon. Using my experience and SL course framework I've defined several main portions of my SL framework. In following paragraphs I am going to make clear each of them and give some " stone” of each element in in an attempt to build my personal SL pyramid. Before I actually explain portions of my Ideal leadership I can define the past " stone” in my pyramid that hook up all elements of Strategic Management. That rock is Eye-sight. No person provides successful command without eyesight. No person may connect all elements of command if doesn't always have clear picture what to do subsequent and which will direction to travel. Vision is connective cells that gives leaders and fans comfort in exercising leadership. I believe, vision ought not to state current situation, it may state future of every firm. Vision is not only important for leaders but maybe crucial for users of business. I have knowledgeable that eyesight is misunderstood and understood as objective. Vision must be sent to the final person in organization, it must be understood and adopted by everybody. Simply in that case it is also possible to go in right way. Let me revisit on Ideal Leadership elements that I possess identified in my SL platform. As I said, I use identified several main aspects of SL platform. 1 . Personal ability. This element much more or fewer in relationship with course framework and provides things which might be depending on personal ability of any person. I believe one person should be born with some kind of skill for command. It is very prevalent that each occupation and capacity depends on ability. In my career I have tried to make commanders but just it doesn't operate. Intellect is very much connected with prior personal potential and there is no requirement to be explained deeply. One of the important things to me is Philanthropy. We declare leadership is all about leading people; in that case it isn't possible to disregard people and their feelings. People are people and they have needs and problems because every one of us provides. I have experienced harder work from persons when they are happy and when they see you value them. Inside my leadership I always give credit rating to the people in advance in that case that they feel more responsible and in addition they have feeling they personal to me and organization specifically. Believe me people are prepared to return much more than you give these people but they simply that little favor to be provided when they require it. In most cases that they return more than they got. Another thing that matters to me is usually Role version. I was not discussing that you don't have to base you all life and leadership upon somebody else's but position model is required in preliminary phase of your leadership. You will need role model just to " speed you up” also to...


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