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 Steinbeck’s New, Of Mice and Men: Encouragement of Violence Analysis Paper

In what ways is definitely the subject of violence discovered in ‘Of Mice and Men'? Steinbeck explores the subject of violence through intentional and unintentional physical violence and the reassurance of it in each of the several characters. Lennie commits the most acts of violence out of all the characters but they are all unintentional. The initial violent thing that we discover about Lennie is that he often inadvertently kills rodents as he enjoys petting them ‘and pretty soon they little bit my fingers and I pinched their particular heads a little and then they was dead'. Almost all of Lennie's actions of violence are determined because he does not know his own durability. Later on this individual accidentally mashes Curley's palm because of his unknown durability, when Curley is picking on him. However he does not try this until George tells him to. In Chapter five Lennie gets rid of the puppy when he can be petting it merely requires like this individual kills the mice. Curley's wife then simply comes in and he as well accidentally gets rid of her, simply by breaking her neck, when he does not understand his strength. George simply commits one serious take action of violence, when he sets Lennie. His shooting of Lennie is usually an intentional act of violence but since it is the smaller of two evils it may be argued that it can be an unintended act. George is the one that tells Lennie to ‘get' Curley and as Lennie does no matter what he explains to him to; George is definitely the one who is responsible. This can be an example of the encouragement of violence. George frequently gets annoyed by Lennie and shouts for him nevertheless he always apologises after. Slim can be described as deceptive character as he is known by the additional ranch hands but this individual does devote four works of assault. Firstly he drowns some of the puppies ‘right off'. He is a responsible persona so many of the hacienda hands look for him to get advice but when Candy really does about the shooting of his doggie Slim says that the puppy should be taken, encouraging physical violence. Later in the novel Thin threatens Curley and even though it is to prevent Lennie via getting in difficulties he is nonetheless...