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Professor Abreu

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five April 2012

Social Networking: More Than Just a Trend

Today, 1 . 5 billion dollars people participate in an online social network, which is 1 out of every seven people on the globe. If you are a element of this phenomenon, just how much will it affect your way of life? People become a member of these sites for the wide variety of causes. With just a couple of clicks you are able to speak to friends and family that may be an incredible number of miles apart; or check up on your favorite artists latest updates. No matter what the purpose, there is no denying that internet sites have become an important part of culture, in the workplace, at home, and around the world. Various social networking sites are manufactured for a particular group of people, including Facebook for college students, or MySpace for music and party persons. However , they all have one common structure. Once you sign up for a particular site, you will be asked a number of concerns such as name, age, site, interests, marriage status, and maybe a small section to write an " about me. ” Many sites also encourage publishing a profile picture, and some riding time a " skin” or any type of multi-media to your profile. Creating a account on a social media allows you to determine yourself however you wish to be found. You are able to reveal your views, and share your hobbies. Many people feel a feeling of independence and self esteem by using these sites. A lot of people may even build a " second” life and get lost within an online universe, completely dropping track of truth. People become addicted to social network, losing sleeping over these sites, ignoring their very own work responsibilities, or even themselves to revise a status or check the most current " trending topics. ” According to affilatenetworking. com, as of April 5th 2012, the top five social networking sites will be: Facebook, with an estimated 800 million users; Twitter, with an estimated 175 million users; Linkedin, with over 115 million users; Google In addition, with nearly 90 , 000, 000 users;...