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 Smoke pertaining to the Cure Article

Anghelica Ruiz

Work Name: Smoke for the cure

Author / Founder: Mike Adams

Publication Date: October 15, 2010

Traditional Context: Robert Adams produced this toon during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month yet no " Prevention month” exposing just how he felt about the pinkwashing companies(as he illustrate them). Story Summary:

Cancer industry's brainwash persons by using promozione to encourage people that they can cure cancer by shopping anything that's pink yet it's sarcastic how they will never tell them how to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer. What is being mocked in this part?

How businesses try to brainwash and persuade the public that buying lilac stuff will help find a get rid of for cancer. Human Establishments:

1 . Pink products

2 . Propaganda

several. Cancer industry's

Human Weaknesses:

1 . Weak-minded will certainly people feel that buying goods of specific color will assist find the cure of malignancy 2 . Brainwashed people

a few. Ignorance

Tactics Employed:

* Verbal Paradox: " Smoke cigars for the cure” (picture of lilac cigarettes) * Understatement: " A bunch (of cigarettes) a day maintains cancer away” * Situational irony: females smiling when smoking


* It's ironic because simply because they're lilac doesn't signify it would give you an idea about14964 the cure of cancer rather they will provide you with disease just like cancer. * Smoking red cigarettes will not likely keep malignancy away, basic as that. * A person will never think that cigarette smoking pink cigs will help within the cure of cancer

Author's Tone: Robert Adams sculpt on this toon is ironical and also mocks. He uses pink pipes to show how some companies promote the cure of malignancy by selling items that will not aid in any way within the cure of cancer instead some of them can even harm you but some people will probably be brainwashed just like the ones inside the cartoon even though they're green. Overall Success of the Satire:

I think that Mike Adams satire is effective. The animation he produces shows just how pathetic...