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Singapore's Multimillionaires: Fresh Wealth Record Busts The Myths -- Forbes

Neerja Jetley, Factor

I write on how persons create, spend, spend and destroy wealth

FO RBE S ASIA | 9/27/2013 @ a couple of: 49AM | 52, 458 views

Singapore's Multimillionaires:

Fresh Wealth Survey Busts The


Who will be the archetypical

Singaporean multimillionaire? Is

he the big spender who will pay $4. 3

million speedy for a

Koenigsegg Agera or one who leisure areas

his hyper car for his penthouse in

Hamilton Scotts? Is he the party

thrower who routinely chalks up

six-digit charges at club Pangaea

or perhaps the high roller putting $400, 000

within a bet in Marina These types of Sands,

Singapore's new casino?

The planet's richest town is home to the brand new

wealthy by India, China and tiawan, Indonesia,

Philippines, Australia and Malayasia (Photo

credit: Wikipedia)

Ever since Singapore embarked on

their official quest to follow cash, money offers followed this with equivalent ardor. And along with that comes the stories of excess, over-the-edge wealth and stupendously rich indulgences. " $26, 500 cocktails. Traffic jams freckled with Ferraris. A380 jet converted to add a pool and basketball courtroom. The planet's sternest metropolis is now the richest, ” declared a newly released report by the Wall Street Journal

No untruth for the reason that. Singapore is actually the planet's fastest developing wealth centre with $1. 3 trillion assets underneath management, and it is slated to overtake Switzerland as the world's major offshore prosperity center by simply 2020. Around one in every 30 Singaporeans was a dollar millionaire this year. It is estimated that by 2017, one out of every 20 Singaporeans is a millionaire. This segment that currently contains $857 billion, or 85. 7% with the total person wealth, will grow by simply 63% and hold $1. 39 trillion by 2017. Among these kinds of millionaires, you will find 3, 870 multimillionaires (individuals with net worth of more than $30 million) in 2012 with average useful $86 mil per person and they will grow by simply 59% in...


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