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 Similarities between Jesus and Peeta Article

Christ Figure:

* Psychic or specific figure

5. Parallels Jesus

2. Display more than one correspondence with all the story of Jesus 2. Examples: performance of amazing things, manifestation of divine features, healing other folks, display supportive kindness and forgiveness possibly to foes, fight for proper rights, being led by the nature of the character's father, death and revival. * Martyrs, sacrificing themselves for causes larger than themselves.

Jesus…| Peeta…

Risked his life simply by dying for the cross intended for the people| Risked his own life for Katniss multiple times| Fed the starving individuals with his body and blood| Gave Katniss bread when ever she was starving| Captured in the backyard after Passover| Captured and tortured to speak publically| Died of the combination for the people| Everything he performed was as a result of his like for Katniss| Always really loves his followers| His appreciate for Katniss is eternal| Loved everybody immediately| Loves Katniss from your very beginning| Never sinned| Flawless

Rebirth| Dandelion means rebirth- Mockingjay

Never stopped loving his people| Take pleasure in was always true forever| Betrayed by Peter| Chosen as tribute- betrayed by family| Rebirth| Dandelion- The Hunger Video games (first book)

Betrayed simply by Peter| Mother thought that Katniss would win| Son of tradesmen| Sons of trades-people

Kindness| Washed the be sick off Haymitch for Katniss

Kindness| Saves from angering the adults

Our savior| Saves Katniss life

Similar to a lot of parables whenever they call away Jesus| Cell phone calls out Peeta's name as they saves her| Nail wounds when he was crucified| Blood was streaming from his hands| Pure| " Wish to expire as myself”

Savior| Fights Cato

Resurrects after becoming in a give with a natural stone for three days| In cave for three days and nights, entrance is definitely covered by a huge stone| Trustworthy| Katniss cartouche Peeta

Christ protects us| Peeta defends Katniss

Sacrifice himself to get us| Willing to sacrifice...