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Essay 1: Assessment

This handout gives an understanding of the 1st essay job and contains many forms and worksheets that you will need by various stages of the publishing process.

The Rhetorical Condition:

• Purpose: Publish an dissertation that remarks parallels and connections between two literary/historical figures (Frederick Douglass and Lucy Grealy). Your article and others will assist high school The english language and sociable studies professors prepare to train their classes. • Target audience: Your dissertation will (hypothetically) become part of a guide intended for high school British and interpersonal studies educators who have their particular students examine " Learning to Read and Write” and " Showcases. ” • Topic: The topic of your comparison should be several specific facet of Douglass and Grealy (or some particular aspect of their particular experiences).

Managing Idea: The controlling thought (thesis) of any comparison is known as a statement of overall similarity/difference. Make sure your handling idea suits purpose and audience.

Corporation: The comparison should be structured as a revealing essay, with an introduction, human body, and bottom line; a clear controlling idea; and unified, well-developed paragraphs. You should choose whether you wish to make use of a block or point-by-point organizational strategy.

Duration: The comparison should be around 500-700 words (about two full tapped out pages, double-spaced).


1 ) Submit a prospectus towards the instructor, outlining what you want to write. Prior to going any further, the instructor must say yes to your prospectus. 2 . Fill in a draft for evaluation by your trainer and assessment by two classmates. 3. Submit a revised and edited composition for analysis by your teacher. 4. Following your revising is graded, please post corrections coming from all grammatical, transliteration, and physical errors. Corrections do not affect your class.

Peer Review:

Draft 1 ) 1 is for peer review. On the deadline for Draft 1 . 1, please bring the following to class: • This entire handout (contains peer assessment worksheets you need to use in class) • A complete draft of the article

• At least two copies in the draft. Every single copy should have a copy of the completed Cover Page: Dissertation 1 Draft.


Draft 1 . 2 is for croping and editing. On the deadline for Draft 1 . two, please bring the following to class • The latest variation of your draft, triple-spaced

Folders: Drafts 1 . 3 and 1 . some should be completed to me in a two-pocket newspaper folder. Folder checklist:

• Right side of folder:

• A completed Cover Page: Composition 1 Draft.

❑ A completed " Info: Draft”

вќ‘ The newest version from the draft

• Left side of folder:

вќ‘ Completed and updated (if requested) prospectus вќ‘ Previous variations of the draft, clearly labeled вќ‘ Virtually any notes, sets out, or idea you may have performed вќ‘ Both the peer testimonials that you accomplished

Prospectus: Assessment

Purpose: Use this prospectus to generate preliminary decisions about the comparison article you intend to compose. These decisions will help you to plan the composition. The accomplished handout is going to let me know what their plans happen to be and allow me to give you some guidance just before you write a draft.

1 . Description of task: in a brief paragraph, describe the essay you plan to write. Always be as specific as possible about your topic, the type of essay, and the audience. The audience could be a specific selection of adults, actual or theoretical. Begin the description with a sentence through this format: My spouse and i plan to write a _______about _____ for _______. (essay type) (topic)(audience)

My spouse and i plan to set a comparison essay about Lucy Grealy and Frederick Douglas personalities for high school English and social studies instructors.

2 . Brainstrorming similarities: Create some ideas listed below. If you think of other commonalities and standards, list all of them on the back side of this piece. Frederick Douglass and Sharon Grealy have the following similarities:...