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 Essay in Salmonella Virus Project

Pathogen Project

#7 Salmonella

1) What type of microbe: G - bacterium

2) Precisely what is the normal habitat of your pathogen, that is certainly, where will it reproduce or perhaps what is the reservoir? Family pets are the key reservoir for Salmonella. It also lives on eggs, raw meats, unpasteurized dairy, fruits, and vegetables. 3) What disease it causes – that is certainly, the MAIN disease it causes: The primary disease Salmonella causes is gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis causes bloating, stomach cramping and many commonly extreme, sometimes hazardous, amounts of diarrhea. 4) Website of entry and how the pathogen is definitely transmitted: Your mouth is the website of access for Salmonella. It flourishes in our intestinal tract epithelium and lymphoid follicles. It is sent through meals and drinking water. 5) Pathogenesis: LPS (lipopolysaccharide)- the endotoxin stimulates a strong host defense response. This kind of response causes cytokines to get release that may lead to fevers and other health issues. 6) How the term that is certainly assigned fits in to your pathogen – this is certainly on the designated pathogen list Term: Contagious –– The pathogen is extremely contagious in the next present in foods or water. It is specifically contagious in areas just like child car facilities and senior living complexes. 7) Is the pathogen treated with antimicrobial agents? No, the pathogen is normally not cured with an antibiotic. The bodies amazing immune system can destroy the pathogen within just 5-7 days. 8) Various pathogens include unique features (like disease phases or the target human population affected, etc) or verify if your organism is linked to any the latest outbreaks. Salmonella mostly goals young children, infants, and the seniors. In the last year all of us saw an outbreak of Salmonella occur from the business Foster Farms. The break out struck 25 states and also 480 people.

Special event Questions (T/F):

1 ) Salmonella can be described as virus that affects the gastrointestinal system.

2 . The gram & Salmonella uses it's LPS as one of its...