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Miami-Dade County Community Schools'

Network Security Standards - Management Summary

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Data Classification and Security Objectives

Miami-Dade State Public Universities (M-DCPS) realizes that data is a beneficial asset and must be shielded from illegal destruction, access, modification, disclosure, loss, theft, or removal. These specifications, in conjunction with ideal state and federal statutes, will function as a groundwork for the protection of M-DCPS info. All protection measures must conform to founded M-DCPS policies and appropriate federal, express, and local laws and regulations.

Sections 1 . 0, 1 . 1, 1 . 2, 1 ) 3, installment payments on your 0, and 2 . you provide the basis of a data category policy by simply laying out range, risks, and goals. Additionally , Sections five. 0 and 5. you lay out particular user tasks regarding the protection of Section data and really should also be viewed as part of the Section data category policy. Parts 3. 0, 4. zero, 4. 1, and 4. 2 offer a detailed technical roadmap to accomplish these targets, while sections 6. zero and 6th. 1 discuss changes to these standards.

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M-DCPS provides for many years depended on pcs and info processing services to store and manipulate large numbers of data. That data comes with, but is not restricted to, student records, personnel documents, business, and accounting documents. The exploding market of networks and Net related informational activities implies that this very sensitive data is far more conveniently accessible to authorized personnel in ways undreamed of even a few years before but is likewise at risk. M-DCPS must treat the issue of the safety of this info in such a way that all avenues of access happen to be strictly controlled and that the privacy and value from the data aren't compromised.

Any office of Supervision and Conformity Audits (OMCA), in concert with Technology Services (ITS), reserves the right to audit M-DCPS locations for compliance with these Security Standards.

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Hazards to M-DCPS

Any breach of data security could be harmful for school program staff, users, and college students as well as the school system by itself. Moreover, a variety of individuals/agencies can improperly benefit from M-DCPS info. The following is a list of some of the specialized risks:


Altered data


Thieved and intercepted data


Data delivered inaccurately


Destroyed info


Decrease of M-DCPS' ability to process data

The following is a summary of some of the business risks to M-DCPS: п‚·

Lawsuits because of not protecting delicate data


Loss of funding (for case, FTE) as a result of transmission of incorrect data to different agencies


Unfair penalty or benefits to students due to the transmitting of wrong data (for example, completely wrong transcripts resulting in unfair fees or benefit to pupils applying for university and/or scholarships)


Loss of negotiating or advantage by unauthorized disclosure of email lists and other organization assets to vendors


Liability for incorrect info (including State and Federal penalties)


Errors in business decisions due to inaccurate info


Adverse publicity surrounding the use of incorrect data and subsequent regulating enforcement


Inability to process business transactions in due time or in no way

Sensitive info is defined as any kind of data that will only be viewed by certified personnel. Info sensitivity is determined by, but not restricted to, federal and local regulations (including privateness acts), M-DCPS Board Policies, and decisions by senior staff and/or the data owners (see section 2 . one particular of this document).

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Background of M-DCPS Info Security

In the past, almost all M-DCPS data was kept on the M-DCPS mainframe at ITS and access was strictly controlled with the use of the mainframe IBM OS/390 Security Server1 (RACF). So long as valuable info is kept on the mainframe, this recognized triedand-true way of protection will continue to be the mainstay of our mainframe security attempts. Moreover,...


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