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 Sermon Describe: A Party of Unity Essay

Ds. Anthony P. Syjuco – 09291885709January 6, 2013 Theme: " A Special event of Unity”

Text: Psalm 133: 1-3


Let's start our first rollo with the design template of celebration; a very hopeful outlook of the series of studies that will target primarily on the Truth about the church. This is a sermon of celebration, special event because it is rare occurrence a two independent ministry is going to merge as one. Also, it is celebration since our textual content speaks regarding the home together in unity from the brethren of the same quality and pleasurable to behold. Unity is not order, regularity – accurate Christian oneness is unity amidst selection. The experience of captivity of Israel and their scattering abroad because punishment of Yahweh because of the sins manufactured in them the true longing to come back to Jerusalem and dwell combined with their brethren. What are the fundamental reasons why the author speaks of so high commendation as he see the residing together from the brethren in Unity? From our text we are able to deduce a lot of fundamental main reasons why it is so pleasurable and great to see the home together with the brethren in unity. First… because…

I actually. It Shows the Nature of Our god and of His Church. Versus. 1a

" …Behold, great and how pleasant it is intended for brothers to dwell together in oneness! a) Complimentary Nature.

Transition: unity amongst brethren excellent and pleasurable to see because to begin with it uncovers the Nature of The almighty and of His church, secondly…

II. It Releases the Nurture of Positive Functioning Relationship. Sixth is v. 3a " …like the dew of Hermon that came down on the mountains of Zion…” a) Working through posting of Time, Talents, and Cherish.

Transition: Not merely it reveals the nature of Our god and of His Church and releases the nurture of positive doing work relationship, but also…

III. It Obtains the Necessary Resources from God. V. 3b

" …for there the LORD commanded the blessing, life forevermore…” a) The benefit of your life and for existence.

Conclusion/Summary: A Celebration of...