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Job and Scholar Guidance Bed sheet

Programme: Specialist Diploma a manager

Module Title: The Administration Environment

Component Session: Feb - April 2014

Credits accrued for satisfactory completion of this component: 15 Weighting of this task for obtaining module credit: 100% The Assignment Problem:

First, browse the accompanying case study, ‘Riverside Aluminium'. Then provide a SWOT evaluation of the company using this framework. After conducting the SWOT analysis, clarify whether you take into account that it is ideal or incorrect as a composition for examination. Your project should consider with a discussion of how useful you feel the end result of this analysis would be pertaining to decision making relating to Riverside's long term strategy. NB Information in case is likely to be too little and you will be anticipated to conduct the own study. Remember that digital resources with the David Wilson's Library can easily and should be taken to help you together with the assignment. Try to find the " Management” under " Subject matter Room” here http://www.le.ac.uk/library/

Deadline: 30 The spring 2014


The examination should:

 begin with a short introduction outlining the aims and the structure of the project;

 transfer to a discussion which is organised in subsections – one for every element of the SWOT structure - which in turn assesses the evidence in the case study and/or the own research;

 conclude with a summary of key arguments made, identify the main issues likely to arise inside the immediate long term (and make clear why this provides the case) and a response to the question over regarding the effectiveness of your research for tactical decision making.

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The assignment ought to:

 become word-processed, double-spaced throughout, in point 12 size font, left validated, with common margins (at least 2 . 5 cm on almost all sides), using pages consecutively numbered;

 be formally structured, we. e. split up into sections (and, if necessary, subsections) with important headings;

 include a complete bibliography as well as a comprehensive variety of in-text recommendations, documenting each of the sources found in its planning.


Please be aware that, just like the Fundamentals of Supervision assignment, we wish to see proof that you have read the relevant components - the module publication, the case study, the relevant areas of the friend text, and beyond. In this instance you should consequently endeavour to study around the subject matter, as well as perhaps discovering some additional case info relating to the aluminium industry from correctly robust multimedia resources (i. e. prevent Wikipedea yet use BBC, Times or maybe the Economist).

Referencing should firmly adhere to the Harvard referring to system, because outlined in Section a few of the Foundations of Supervision module publication and your Programme Handbook. Every sources directly or indirectly used for doing the task (including Net sources and any interior organisational documents), should be evidently identified and appropriately referenced in the two main text message and in the bibliography. Any unacknowledged or perhaps insufficiently recognized use of options will be recognized as plagiarism and will be subject to the right penalties.

NB please label case study material in-text as (Riverside case: PAGE NUMBER). The case examine should can be found in your bibliography as follows:

University or college of Leicester School of Management (2009) ‘Riverside Aluminium' case study.


Word Limit

Word limit for the assignment is 2500 words. Please tend not to submit an assignment that deviates in the word limit by much more than 10% (i. e., of less than 2250 or more than 2750 words), otherwise the penalties explained in your Programme Handbook will apply.

Analysis Criteria

Learners should label the analysis criteria defined in the guide.

Submission Instructions:

Please visit the Online Submission center on Blackboard for further details and assistance with submitting the assignment in electronic format....