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 Rim Industry Analysis Dissertation

Study In Motion Rising

Louis S. Latimer

MGMT530 – Marketing Strategies

May well 6, 2012

Deb Stockman

Southwestern College Professional Research

Table of Content

We. Executive Synopsis 3

2. Situation Research 4

a. Internal Environment7

b. Buyer Environment13

c. External Environment 16

3. SWOT19

4. Marketing Goals and Objectives21

V. Promoting Strategy22

NI. Product Strategy23

a. Core competency comparison chart25

m. Point of Difference Characteristic Chart twenty six

VII. References27

I. Executive Summary

Analysis in Motion (RIM) was founded on Drive 7, 1984 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. While they are known mainly for their flagship product line of BlackBerry Smartphones, RIM as well manufactured additional devices; generally wireless modems. The Cell phone revolutionized the way business is conducted, with the United States, nevertheless throughout the world. Cell phone devices allowed the business specialist to move away from their desk, but still manage to conduct business anywhere in the world (Blackberry 2012). Because of this, RIM offers seen a very high level of success, and has begun to grow further into technologies pertaining to the business world. Other companies have also taken note of the growing mobile system market, notably Apple and Google. Rim now looks an uphill battle to get relevancy inside the very market it created.

2. Situational Analysis

Over the last two years, RIM went from a market leader, investor darling, and a top innovative company to being described by analysts as " A has been, ” ‘Ripe for a buy-out, ” and " Still left in the dust” (Geller 2011). Understanding how and why this happened is important, but essential is identifying how CASING can get back on track and rise from your blows it has sustained.

The... from Principle to Canada's Most Valuable Business This entire section needed several In-Text Citations. 2. 1984 -- Two anatomist students -- Mike Lazaridis (University of Waterloo) and Douglas Fregin (University of Windsor) - co-found Exploration in Motion. * 1988 - RIM's wireless foray takes off. The technology is principally used for organization communications, including processing credit-card sales. 5. 1992 - Jim Balsillie joins EDGE, putting $250, 000 of his any money into the business. * 1996 - CASING introduces it is first wi-fi handheld, the [email protected] Pager. * 97 - CASING is listed within the Toronto Stock market as a public company, increases more than $115 million coming from investors and is also ranked as one of Canada's fastest-growing technology firms. * 1999 - EDGE is listed within the NASDAQ exchange. The company raises another $250 million to build up its BlackBerry technology. EDGE introduces the BlackBerry eight hundred fifty Wireless Portable, putting together email, wireless info networks, and a traditional - if little - QWERTY keyboard therefore successfully in a hand-held system that with regard to it blows up. Lexicon personalisation creates the Blackberry term

2. Nov. 13, 2001 - A group of Illinois-based inventors documents a legal action in a U. S. Federal government Court, accusing RIM of creating its cellular e-mail network by infringing on us patents held simply by an American patent-company, NTP Incorporation. of Va. 5years later, Research in Motion and NTP finally announce money of their long-running patent challenge. RIM confirms to shell out NTP $612. 5 million US to be in all claims and for a " never ending, paid-up certificate going forward. " * 2004 - Analysis in Action celebrates their 20th birthday as the BlackBerry exceeds two million subscribers globally. * 2006 – Blackberry passes four million subscribers

* June 2007 – Apple commences the iPhone

2. Oct. some, 2007 - RIM announces that the BlackBerry customer list is long gone the 12-million mark. * Oct. twenty-three, 2007 -- Alcatel-Lucent announces an agreement to distribute Blackberry mobile phones smartphones in China. Good news sends RIM shares...

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