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 Review Issue Essay

Review Problem

The following are the balances in the accounts for Joan Miller Marketing Agency since January 23, 2001:

Debit Credit

Money $ 1, 720

Accounts Receivable several, 000

Artwork Supplies one particular, 300

Office Supplies six hundred

Prepaid Lease 400

Prepay Insurance 440

Art Tools 4, 200

Accumulated Depreciation, Art eq. $ 75

Office Tools 3, 1000

Accumulated Devaluation –Office Eq. 50 Accounts Payable three or more, 170

Unearned Art Charges 600

Salary Payable 180

Joan Burns, Capital twelve, 590


Totals $14, 660 14, 660

During the month of February, the organization engaged in the following transactions:

Feb. 1 Received an additional investment of cash via Joan Callier, $6, 1000 Feb. two Purchased added office products with money, $800. Feb. 5 Received art products transferred to the company from Joan Miller, $1, 400. Feb. 6 Acquired additional workplace supplies with cash, $80

Feb. several Purchased added art materials on credit from The singer Supply Firm, $500. Feb. 8 Finished the number of advertisements pertaining to Marsh Tyre Company that began in January 31, and invoiced Marsh Tyre Company pertaining to the total solutions performed, like the accrued revenues that had been acknowledged in January of one-hundred dollar (see accounts receivable). The total bill is definitely $800. Feb. 9 Paid out the secretary for two weeks' wages, $600.

Feb. doze Paid the quantity due to Morgan Equipment to get the office gear purchased last month $1, 500 Feb. 13 Accepted a great advance fee in money for art to be performed for another firm, $1, 800. Feb. 16 Purchased a copier by Morgan Gear for $2, 100 spending $250 in cash and agreeing to pay he rest in equal obligations over the subsequent five weeks. Feb. 12-15 Performed promoting services and accepted a cash fee, $1, 050. Feb. of sixteen Received payment on accounts from Ward Department Stores intended for...