Residence Maintenance

 Home Maintenance Essay

Residence Maintenance

Team C


March 18, 2011

Home Maintenance

Living in the gulf area makes your home among, if not the most, pricey investment you are going to ever generate. With housing prices sky-rotting above five hundred thousand, it behooves you to keep your house. At the time you maintain it on a regular basis, you avoid the much bigger expenses of structural issues that come from placing things away. For example , a crack in the shower or bath tub in the second floor of your two history home can lead to water running on to the floor and destroying the bathroom floor tiles. A smoke cigars detector devoid of working electric batteries will not find smoke or maybe a fire as well as your house can burn down. According to " National Centre For Healthy and balanced Housing"  (n. d. ), " To take care of a healthy residence, occupants will need to keep it dried out, clean, airy, free from impurities, pest-free, secure and well-maintained” (Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist). Maintaining your home can save you money and reduce harm from injuries.

Input, Process, Output

Type Variable| Process| Output

Response1| start this program? | certainly

Item_number| how many items the user wants to verify not going above 20| 15| Item_name| what item will the user need to check? | fusebox| Response2| count number 1. Does fusebox work properly? | Yes| Item_name| what item does the user want to check? | washer and dryer| Response2| count second seed. Does Washer and Dryer work effectively? | yes| Item_name| what item will the user want to check? | water heater| Response2| count number several. Does Hot water heater work properly? | yes| Item_name| what item does the user desire to check? | garage door opener| Response2| count number number four. Does the Brooklyn garage door Remote work properly? | yes| Item_name| what item does the end user want to evaluate? | outlets| Response2| count number number your five. Do the stores work properly? | Yes| item_name| what item will the user desire to check? | light switches| Response2| rely number 6. Do the mild switches operate properly? | yes| item_name| what item does the customer want to evaluate? | vents| Response2| rely number six. Do the vents work correctly? | no| Response3| count number several. Can you correct the grills? | certainly

Response2| count amount 7. Do the vents operate properly? | yes| item_name| what item does the consumer want to check on? | dish washer| Response2| count quantity 8. Will the dishwasher function properly? | no| Response3| count number 8. Could you fix dishwaher? | simply no, call a professional| item_name| what item does the user want to check on? | refrigerator | Response2| count quantity 9. Will the refrigerator work properly? | yes| item_name| what item does the user want to check? | oven| Reponse2| depend number 12. Does the oven work| yes

item_name| what item will the user want to check? | oven| Reponse2| count number 10. Does the oven work| yes

item_name| what item does the user desire to check? | range hood| Reponse2| depend number 11. Does the range hood job? | yes| item_name| what item will the user wish to check? | garbage disposal| Reponse2| rely number doze. Does the trash disposal function? | yes| item_name| what item does the user need to check? | sink| Reponse2| count quantity 13. Does the sink work? | yes

item_name| what item does the user desire to check? | toilet| Reponse2| count number 14. Will the toilet work| yes

item_name| what item does the customer want to check? | smoke cigarettes detector| Reponse2| count quantity 15. Does the smoke metal detector work? | no| Response3| Can you correct it? | yes

Response2| Does the smoke detector work? | yes, the program is now total. Thank You!

| |

Developed Psuedocode

1 . Begin program

2 . Declare Response1 as thread

3. File Response2 since string

some. Declare Response3 as thread

5. State Item_number because integer

six. Declare Item_name as chain

7. Announce count as integer

eight. Delcare by as integer

9. Compose " Pleasant to the Home...

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