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We would like to thank the subsequent persons, especially the one who help us to do our analysis paper (Mrs. Tolentino) and also our many other co-student whom gives a lot of information about inside our topic, each of our parents who also support us most, specifically God whom gives power and expertise for us to finish this report. Also the book of Dangerous Medications, Act of 1972 representative. act number 6425, the Drug Abuse Reduction Source Publication, The Drug Manace therefore you, war against drug abuse, and Mapeh II who also give several detail about how to prevent medicine addiction. And Mrs. Salvacion P. Para Roma the one who make clear the research newspaper, and in addition, she give us a few example to our research newspaper. Abstract:

The Research paper is all about how to prevent drug addiction. Drug craving is very common in our culture, especially when it gets in teenager. They presume that prescription drugs can help them to forget their very own problems in their life. They do not know very well what is the real effect of taking dtrugs, Occasionally they are forced to use medications simply because a lot of teenagers will be curious about medications. At first that they only take one drug then simply suddenly that they enjoyed choosing it,

We. Introduction

A brief history of people has also been a brief history of medication use. Seeing that earliest moments, herbs, roots, bark, leaves and plant life have been used to relieve soreness and help control disease. In and of by itself, the use of drugs does not make up an bad; drugs, correctly administered, had been a medical blessing. However, certain medications also at first produce enticing side-effects, for instance a feeling of excitement, a sense of ”feeling good”, enjoyment serenity and power. What began while something of any recreational activity evolved over time into a difficulty of dependence and mistreatment.

Over the past decades, the use of against the law drugs has spread at an unparalleled rate and has come to every part of the globe. No nation continues to be immune to the devasting problems caused by drug abuse. At the same...