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 Marks and Spencer Analysis Paper

Steep Research

Large analysis discusses the Sociological, Technological, Financial, Environmental and Political factors in the exterior environment of your company, that may have an influence/impact on their actions.

The following discusses the exterior environment of Marks and Spencer in its current situation:

Factor Issues


? пЂ, Young age group provides brand perceptions with ego-intensive fashion clothes items. M& S already? established? an image as unfashionable? пЂ, More mature women? t clothing design is underrepresented, male table seems to be impaired concerning this matter

? пЂ, Inflexibility problems in a fast-moving society:

Refusal to simply accept credit cards right up until 2000 elizabeth. g.

? пЂ, Competition from company labels such as Hugo Boss etc?

? пЂ, Increasing acceptance by consumers of discounters, including? What Everyone Wants? etc?

? пЂ, Ageing UK populace with high disposable income, i. at the. empty nesting and no mortgage


? пЂ, Internet-Shopping: International buying possibilities

? пЂ, IT-developments: Keeping pace and investment costs

Inexpensive? пЂ, Support to build on brown-field sites, which have significant preparation costs

? пЂ, Recession in far east

? пЂ, High-cost UK-based suppliers, which M& S relies upon

? пЂ, Strength in the pound doing work at a disadvantage to M& S, with high cost suppliers here & selling in foreign countries


? пЂ, Encouragement to develop on brown-field sites, certainly not green field sites distance & polluting of the environment problems & rarely favored locations? пЂ, Government restrictions on normal resource consumption

Personal? пЂ, Restrictions on out-of-town shopping improvements, esp. reassurance of brown-field sites, including high prep costs and rarely desired locations

? пЂ, Controversy on whether to adopt the Euro

? пЂ, Marketing laws

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