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Basic patofisiology

Key concepts: 26-32 farreneheit

Relevance to public health

Q on enrionmental scan:

1 ) what are you expeciting type this sessionms amd the natural good disease: Whay things do not go on purchase - changes of usual function due to disease or perhaps other relevant issue (abnormal syndrome) installment payments on your what is one particular thinkg you want to learn about concerning this toipic and exactly how we can stop that

a few. what is pathology 9or pathofiziology) - pathofiz ima quantifiable measures in scientific approach 4. is usually patofiz. Highly relevant to pH, how come and obtain

Obesity appears to be a growing trend, to understand overweight, its pathophysiology is improtnat and treatment can folow. pathophysiology stresses quantifiable measurements 5. what is health -- not merely absence of disease or the whole emotional, bodily, mental, social well being 6. what is disease (disorder) – certainly not health

7. what is the effect of human beings on the planet?


Placing patopfiz with the context of general public helath

Aims: questions to get exam

Second prevention can be: prevcent an additional episode to happen from someone who already a new haeart strike, a primary elimination if Never to get heart attack Q: so why we do not set money in avoidance, but in disease amnagment? Od sliki:

Mechanism of disorders

Hypertensive cardiovascular against regular (porvo zadebeluavnje e alright, (adaptaion will go wrong) ama posle nenni cini, sony ericsson umira z attack) Apoptosis is a good issue for the entire body, but necrosis is ot good (lots of cubicolo are perishing at same time) Cervix cancer – neoplasia-new growth of cell 9cancer lectures to follow) It is far from under control of human body

Tissues healing-fibrosis and scar creation

Replacement of typical tissue with scar tissue is usually scar formation (samo eine u stomak na primer)

Genetic elements in disease


-spina bifida

Imunologicalm factors in disease

-angioedema – bee sting (kid had an hereditary predispositians – ova bilo immunological poor reaction) Environemnatl (fizikal ) factors in disease...