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Problem: Describe the regional variations of captivity throughout Britain's North American colonies. How did the development of and atitudes toward the institution differ in each location?

During the 13 colonies, slavery was a requirement to the white owners due to work that was being performed for them. During my readings, I am aware that the African Americans ended uphad been treated suprisingly low and would all of the lick of work for their owners. But during this period in which captivity existed inside the 13 colonies, the white-colored man did not want to offer them up that easily because of the money they were producing at the time. I will continue to offer a list of reasons why slavery was needed in those colonies and describe how they did it.

Slavery inside the 13 groupe was really no problem in the To the south until following the Revolutionary Conflict took place. Because of the wanting of slaves inside the colonies, slaves made up twenty percent of the human population. Slavery to start with was not necessary in United states but ended up being in other countries that contributed in the Middle Passage that wanted slaves, sugar, rice, cotton etc . Slavery inside the South was much needed pertaining to slaves as a result of growing of tobacco and also other products that have been growing at the time and were so popular. Slavery in the North was essentially different mainly because they were unnecessary as cultivation workers but as domestic maids, dock employees, sailors, coachmen, etc .

In closing, slaves hated getting treated that way but listening to their owners and doing the jobs they explain to do was the only approach they could stay in. In every colony, the slaves had been doing their particular jobs and between the North and the To the south, they were being told to work in the ways that their professionals told these to work. Some would work inside the fields and several would work in the houses. In most, slavery was a tough time throughout the colonies and it would continue for another 100 years.