QLT1 Task 5

 QLT1 Activity 5 Composition


As a mom is looking by going back to work after staying home with her daughter to get the 1st year the girl with considering two daycare choices. The first option is an in home preschool that charges a flat charge of $5. 00 an hour. The second choice is a center-based day care that charges $185. 00 a week based on forty five hours per week, they charge an additional $8. 00 one hour for any time proceeding the 40 hours. The distance to both features are very close, making snorkeling distance outdated. The mother will need to make use of daycare for 50 hours a week and is trying to determine which choice would be cheapest.


Let by represent the overall number of several hours

Let y represent the entire cost of preschool in us dollars.

The home structured daycare can be $5. 00 and hr

y = 5x

The center based daycare has a flat rate of $185. 00 for 45 hours a week, and then $8. 00 one hour for any additional hours. intended for x /< 40 hours y =185

for x > 40 hours y =185+8(x-40)

Home based choice y = 5x

Center centered option con = 185 (for by /< 45 hours)

Since they are both corresponding to y, we are able to use the replacement method to established both equations equal to each other. 5x sama dengan 185

5/5 = 185/5

x = 37

Plug x = 37 back to one of the equations above to look for y.

con = 5 * thirty seven

y= 185

The solution point is thirty seven hours pertaining to $185, (37, $185)

Preschool option sumado a = 5x

Center based option con = 185 + 8(x-40) (for back button > forty hours)

Because they are both corresponding to y, we could use the replacement method to set both equations equal to one another. 5x sama dengan 185 & 8(x-40)

5x sama dengan 185 + 8x -- 320

5x -135 + 8x

-3x = -135 Divide robot sides by simply 3

-3/3 -135/3

times = forty-five

Plug x = 45 back into one of the equations over to find y. y = 5 5. 45

con = 225

So the solution point is usually 45 hours for $225, (45, $225)


By looking at mathematical reasoning, and comparing each equation for the graph, the mother will need to easily have the ability to determine which usually option makes the most sense...


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